iQuest in Review- King For a Day

iquest1I bought iQuest from Better Day Wireless then I first laid my eyes on it in the iTunes App Store. It is a real Fantasy MMO (Massively Multi-player Online) with Role playing elements in it! iQuest is a much more serious MMO in my eyes than the dime a dozen iMafia & iMob. It is a refreshing  and intelligent app and the first MMO of its kind in the app store. It looks pretty grandiose, so let’s see if it lives up to expectations.

iQuest’s fantasy storyline revolves around the Kingdom of Noth  which was horribly attacked by monsters. The King died fighting the evil beasts that filled the countryside and  anyone who wants to claim the throne has to prove themselves worthy to be the greatest hero. Of course everyone and every being is breaking their collective necks and weapons (plus magic) to claim the throne as their own.

iquest2In order to get to the coveted throne, these would be heroes have to complete quests to earn gold, experience and handy items. Purchasing land also gives them an advantage. Lastly, physical might comes into play. If they can win their battles in the arena as well, then they will rightfully claim the throne of Noth as their own! Pretty exciting stuff, wouldn’t you agree? I know this made me want to strive to be my best to make it to the Royal list. I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

As you can see from the screenshots, the graphics are very nicely done. Although not as beautiful as Vampires Live, they are still very fitting for this game.

When I started iQuest for the first time, I felt like I was playing the RPG game The Quest because I could choose which Race  and Class I wanted to be, and the fighting skill I would focus on. It’s more detailed than I thought it would be and I decided to be an Elf with Knight Skills. The Races you can choose from are: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome (I’m not kidding!), Orc and Fairy (No Hobbits?); and you can select from the following skill sets: Priest, Warrior, Thief, Knight, Ranger and Wizard.

iquest3I really like the home screen because a graphical map depicting services is used instead of a drab menu. I think is a clever feature of iQuest that separates Better Day Wireless from the rest of the MMO developers. After finishing quests, you will find different weapons, armor and magic potions that you can buy with your gold. One of my favorite parts in iQuest is The Arena, where you fight other creatures and people who are trying to get more gold and level up so they can get to the Noth throne!

Other places you can go are:

  • The Castle – find out your Royalty Standing, Your Champion Status and how wealthy you are.
  • The Blacksmith – buy Weaponry and Armor. Spend your Gold wisely!
  • The Merchant House – buy property so you can earn an hourly income even while you are logged off.
  • The Church – for healing yourself after all those battles in the arena.
  • The Tavern – where you choose a Quest.
  • The Magic Shop -  buy potions, along with other items to replenish your health and energy, giving you a better chance to ascend the throne of Noth!

iquest4 The iQuest control scheme is very simple: you just tap your way around. It has no friend codes that other current MMO’s like iMafia have and currently you cannot buy “points”, so no one has an unfair advantage except those who may take advantage of a bugs they might find. Also, iQuest is very appealing to me because I am into fantasy and I really can see the effort put into this MMO which blends the elements of the fantatsic and RPGs very well. Better Day Wireless has so far done a splendid job communicating with players about future updates in the iQuest thread.

What I didn’t particularly like about iQuest is that you’re not able to chat with other players or to view their profiles. Also there is no sound at all in the app, which is a shame as nicely programmed music could add to the overall experience. Finally as a female player, I am forced to be “King CandyCane” instead of ‘Queen’, but these issues are known by the developers who are planning to address them with future updates.

The developers of iQuest, Better Day Wireless, has come up with a way to give everyone an opportunity to not only be Royalty such as a Baron, Viscount, and Prince, but the top position of King! Fantasy MMO fans should RUN to the app store to buy iQuest and I am giving iQuest a Royal ‘Grab It’ rating.


App Summary
Title: iQuest (v1.0) Developer: Better Day Wireless
Price: $2.99 App Size: 6.9 MB
  • One of the very best MMO’s in the app store
  • A very nice Fantasy & RPG storyline
  • Very easy & Fun Game play
  • Motivates players who want to be King
  • Better Day Wireless is very active in Customer Service
  • Players cannot chat with each other or see people’s profiles
  • No sound effects


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