Elemental Monster TD in Review – The Orions of Tower Defense

tdelemental1Tower defense games get a new look, new mechanics, new gameplay, and a new face in Elemental Monster TD. It is a game that adds enough of a twist to the standard TD gameplay to keep things feeling nice and fresh. It is also one, if given enough time and opportunity, that will grow on you.

tdelemental2From the developer, Hudson Soft:

Elemental Monster TD combines trading cards with tower defense into an amazing new style of game!
Deploy the capabilities of these distinctive cards to defend your base against the attacking enemy monsters.

[GAME FEATURES] 50 original and amazing cards to choose from!
*You can have up to 5 cards in your hand at each stage.

Elevate your cards’ levels to receive SP skills!
*Cards offer various powers such as extra stamina for your army and stopping enemies’ attacks.

Five stages, each with four modes: Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and Time Attack!
*Time Attack mode lets you compete with players worldwide for the high score.

tdelemental3One of the biggest draws of this game is, as the developer wrote, the inclusion of trading cards. This simple but effective gameplay twist adds a whole new dimension to the Tower Defense genre. Throughout the game, you are able to gain more cards and money. Between each round, you can buy the cards to increase your rank and file. Then, before engaging in battle, you are able to customize your five card hand with your inventory. This gives you a lot of flexibility and control and highlights the variable gameplay styles that are inherent within this type of system. Whereas most TD games gives you a set amount when it comes to types of towers at your disposal, Elemental Monster TD allows your to combine five cards into a staggering amount of options.

tdelemental4Another interesting twist to the genre is in the action oriented movements of the towers. The placement of towers can occur around the predetermined path the monsters will travel on. Also, there are certain obstacles that will prohibit you from placing your towers on it.

Since each tower is a unit, they are able to move a certain range from their spot. This need to be taken into consideration as it affects where you would want to place each Elemental Monster. To help in this endeavor, there is a guide button on the bottom that will strip away most of the graphic textures on the map to make tower placement an easier ordeal.

tdelemental5While Elemental Monster TD doesn’t go for simplistic graphics, there does seem to be a lack of refinement and polish on the way things look. As a comparison, this game has similar graphics qualities as that of Diablo 1 which was released in 1996. Also, the sound seems to be lacking as well, with the music being repetitive to the point where I now play with it off.

Besides the graphics and sound, another area of concern is the difficulty of the game. It almost feels, at points, that you are expected to lose certain levels a few times to gain more money until you have the right strategy/monster cards to eventually win. This is a little bit of a self-esteem buster.

Yet, Elemental Monster TD is a TD game worth looking into. It brings unique aspects of gameplay into a near saturated TD genre. It is also currently on sale for a dollar off.


App Summary
Title: Elemental Monster TD (v1.0) Developer: Hudson
Price: $2.99 (Sale) App Size: 41.7 MB
  • Card Collection
  • Unique Gameplay Feel
  • Re-playability
  • 1996 Graphics
  • Repetitive Music
  • Steep Difficulty Curve


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