Bass Fishing Mania in Review- Fishing Smack down

bassfishingmania1Bass Fishing Mania is another Fishing Sim from Player One Sports, which gave me a good indication this would be good for Fishing fans! I don’t fish in real life, 1993 was the last time I really went fishing with my then father-in-law and I only caught tiny little fish. He told my sister and I to throw the little guys back in the water. I wanted to catch bigger fish without the stinky smell and little did I know years later I could relive the fishing experience via technology.

Bass Fishing Mania has a couple modes of play. Free Form & Competition. Free Form mode is good when you are on the bus, train or waiting in line somewhere. You can use your boat and go to any of the locations on Lake Horizon to fish for bass. Competition Mode is great for fishing enthusiasts who want to compete with 32 other people for 4 days. That’s quite a work out so you have to really be familiar with the controls of Bass Fishing Mania.

bassfishingmania2The first thing you have to do is learn how to actually hook a fish by casting your line out either by touching the icon on your iDevice screen or flick your device away from you. I found that to be very easy and I got it on my first try. Also your rod is not glued to the same spot like in some fishing games! You simply tilt your device in any direction you wish. Now you have to reel in your line, that is achieved by placing you finger on the reel icon and then you move it clockwise in circles. Again the control was easy as pie. You won’t just “automatically” catch a fish after 15 seconds or so, which lends to the realism of this game.

Once you get a bite from a fish, you have to literally fight the bass so you weaken it in order to catch it. You may be used to the very easy method in some fishing sims where all you have to do is reel it in with the reel control with not that much effort at all. Bass Fishing Mania is not like that, oh no. In Real life you have to struggle with fish and in this game you have to tilt your device according to the arrows on the screen, so your bass won’t get away!

bassfishingmania3 bassfishingmania4

To start fishing, you will see an overhead screen with the Lake, my boat and different flashing red icons indicating different fishing spots you can catch bass at. To reach these spots just tap on the red circles and your boat will start to move towards them. After struggling (even with the small fries) with catching some little fishes and practicing, I wanted to move on to competition mode!

Competition Mode is where you participate in 3 different tournaments. If you progress you will get prize money to upgrade your equipment. The Levels comprise of Amateur Basic, Super Bass Series and King of the Lake Special. You have to finish in the top 50% to progress each day and only your best 3 fish will count! I was pretty proud of myself that I placed first and won $90. Another tip is to sell your old equipment at the Tackle Shop that you don’t need any more. Over all, both modes of play were slightly tiring but enjoyable.

bassfishingmania5The graphics of Bass Fishing Mania are pretty good, not as good as Flick Fishing and it would have been to nice to have seen more realistic water. The scenery was pleasant and the game sounds were pretty realistic. The fish themselves were lively and animated pretty well.

The controls although simple, do require you to put some effort into moving your iDevice to catch bass. I quite like this idea and I am glad Player One Ltd. included this difficulty in the game.

bassfishingmania6 bassfishingmania7

The game is a solid fishing simulation and felt realistic with the way you have to tilt your iDevice. I like the casual mode that anyone can use in some down time and the Competition mode is great if you want to be the Champion Fisher.

What I didn’t like about the game is that it has no Aquarium where you can go back and see the types of fish that you caught. Also the graphics could have been more realistic and colorful.

I recommend Bass Fishing Mania for anyone who loves Fishing games because I know you will enjoy it’s very involving gameplay and controls. It even has a Tackle Shop, how can you not love that? I am giving it a solid Tap It Rating.


App Summary
Title: Bass Fishing Mania (v0.5.5) Developer: Player One Ltd.
Price: $1.99 App Size: 17.5 MB
  • Realistic Controls
  • Casual & Competition Modes
  • Includes Tackle Shop to buy equipment
  • Can’t go back to see all the Bass fish you caught
  • Graphics could have been more realistic


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