7 Days Apocalypse: We’ve got 7 days to save the world

7days-shot-2We’ve got 4 minutes to save the world! Oops, that’s from the Madonna song…ahem. We’ve got 7 days, exactly 7 days to save the entire human species from turning into zombies! Can we do it? Yes we can! From the makers of Ankagua3D, StormBASIC now tackles the survival horror genre with ‘7 Days Apocalypse’, which should arrive at the App Store next week.

7 days apocalypse is about an unknown virus, called “S-Virus” that is killing and turning millions of people into Zombies! The world has hope though, because Dr. Cupper has found a possible antidote to the zombie inducing virus. You play the female heroine Akemi whose mission, is to protect the Dr. while she develops an antidote to contain and stop the S-virus. Alice from Resident Evil has nothing on 7 day’s akemi! She kicks Zombie ass and asks questions later!

7days-menu-optionsThe zombie packed game features:

  • Intense 3D action
  • Different Weapons: Guns, Plasma and Chainsaws.
  • History mode.
  • Survival mode.
  • Different 3D game view: Back camera and Perspective.
  • Amazing 3D graphics & animations.
  • Auto save feature. You can leave the game and continue after at the same point!

WEAPONS include Guns, Chainsaw and a rockin’ Plasma gun that takes out most Zombies with one hit! Oh yeah!

7days-shot-3-survival-back-cameraAlso the upcoming game 7 days apocalypse will include game features such as SURVIVAL MODE and HISTORY MODE. Survival mode, is just that…keep Akemi alive as long as you can against the insane blood thirsty Zombies who will get more deadly the longer you play! History Mode has 7 levels, one for each day where you have a pre-set mission that you must complete before continuing to the next day.

This action filled game from StormBASIC, which is reminiscent of the Resident Evil movies and games should be out in the app store next week. Get ready to save the world because 7 days is not a lot of time! 😉

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