Eye Test in (Mini) Review – Nothing more than a laugh…

review-medical-eye-test-img_0001Now, just because I chose the above title doesn’t mean that I think Eye Test isn’t useful – it means that should you have a problem with your eye sight, you must seek proper medical advice rather than depend solely on this application! Now that I’ve got the possible lawsuit out of the way, let’s look get to reviewing.

Eye Test takes a number of approaches to check the user’s eyesight. It allows the user to look at various graphics at three distances to normalise the results, as well as offer a number of tests to determine the power of the user’s eyesight, colour accuracy and illusion recognition. These four tests allow the user to check how good or bad their eyesight is within reason. The user can record each day’s result by date to reference any degradation of eyesight over time or alcohol.


However, this app cannot replace an actual optometrist; that’s why I didn’t focus that much on the actual eyesight testing aspect of the application. My attention is focused primarily on the colour accuracy and illusion recognition tests because they are fun. Eye Test examines the user by displaying many graphical images from which the user must choose the most detailed. It also gives historical information pertaining to the famous [test] graphics which explain each test’s goals.

The reason why I like Eye Test is because it is fun – each person’s results can quickly become funny conversation pieces and solid proof  to laugh at. In particular, colour blind and illusion tests are good grounds for poking fun at friends.

In terms of the quality and build of the application: the graphics are very well integrated into the standardised user interface of the iPhone/ iPod Touch platform. This makes Eye Test very easy to use and understand even though there aren’t that many on-screen instructions. Also, the history portion of the application is implemented in a very simple way, offering very easy to understand explanations for the user.


App Summary
Title: Eye Test (v 1.3) Developer: Bokan Technologies
Price: $0.99 App Size: 3.7 MB
  • Simple user interface
  • Good combination of tests/ graphics to produce results
  • Test history
  • Not enough on-screen instructions/ descriptions
  • A limited range of available graphics


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