Let’s Golf! in Review – A Hole in One?

letsgolf1From the opening video, your first thought has to be nothing but amazement at the graphical wizardry of Gameloft’s Let’s Golf!. I know my first reaction was “wow!”, and I would expect everyone else’s to be as well. Let me say this right off the bat, this is definitely one of the best looking games in the App Store. It really makes you feel good about owning either a Touch or an iPhone and makes you realize the possibilities for the future of games on the iDevice.

letsgolf2I’m a big fan of golf, at least in terms of playing them in video games. Want to know why? Because I can actually hit the ball where I want to! Golf is an incredibly hard game in real life as anyone who has played it can attest. Thankfully this game is not as difficult as its real-life counterpart.

First, as I’ve already mentioned, the game looks amazing. The animations are well done, the courses are pretty highly detailed and it really is a “show-off” game to anyone who is questioning the power of the idevice as a gaming platform.

letsgolf3You start off by creating your character and entering one of 4 (only 2 unlocked at the beginning) courses. Basically, the heart of the game is found under Tournament, and is where you will spend the majority of your time. Unfortunately there is no career mode to keep you going from one tourney to the next, and this to me is what holds it back from being a must have…in fact, it’s the only thing…

You do have two control options in terms of classic which is the well…classic control type of clicking (or tapping in this case) when the ball hits the top of the meter signifying the amount of strength, and tapping it again when it reaches the bottom of your swing measuring your accuracy. There’s also a swipe method for those a little more advanced.

letsgolf4In tournament mode, you get to choose the level (easy, normal or hard), and then play the front 9 (that’s the first to ninth hole for those who aren’t down with the golf lingo), the back 9 (holes 10-18), all 18 holes, or a 9 hole shuffle (random for those that still aren’t down with any lingo). Once you’re done the holes, and if you place in the top 3, you do unlock some clothing for your character which does add attributes but other than that, you find yourself back at the home screen wondering what next?

And that my friends, is really my main gripe with the game. It’s simply gorgeous for an iDevice game, and you really feel like you’re playing a golf game as good as any hand-held device has to offer, no doubt, but it was just missing that continuity for me, which prevents me from giving it the highest ‘kiss it’ rating.

letsgolf5The fly-by before each hole is a great feature, and once again makes this a true golf game like all the other ones. This game is a lot of fun, and I personally think golf as a sport is perfect for video games, especially as simulations. The sounds are great from the golf clap, to the chirping of the birds. Everything you expect in a golf game in terms of sound is here.

Let’s Golf! is an arcade style game that plays well, and does use strategy in terms of choosing the right club for the right shot. I had a lot of fun, but every time I finished a round, I thought the same thing, “now what?”. With that being said, if you’re looking for a game to show off, this is definitely one of the few that are worthy.


App Summary
Title: Let’s Golf! (v1.07) Developer: Gameloft
Price: $5.99 App Size: 77.9 MB
  • Visually impressive
  • Great golf sounds
  • Loads of fun
  • No career mode


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