Blade Of Betrayal Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

bob_promoThanks to the fine folks at Conjured Realms and Perfect Dork Studios, TouchMyApps is giving away 10 promo codes for Blade of Betrayal, a solid and fun action platformer we recently reviewed here. If you have yet to give this retro side-scroller a try, here’s your chance! To win a copy, simply submit a comment and tell us which game(s) you’re currently playing on your iDevice. Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close April 16th @ 9pm EST.

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Thanks for all the comments everyone. Definitely some great games that were listed (UniWar, geoDefense, Flight Control, iDracula, Fruit Juice Tycoon… and the list goes on!)

Congrats to the following who have won a copy of Blade of Betrayal.

nuggetsman28, Ryan, perduemonocle, Dennis, Irene, Nitish, XGLITE, Stykman, Daniel Novoa and mrholder

Enjoy the game folks!

  • Stykman

    Baseball superstars 2009
    Elementalmonster Td
    Toy bot series

  • jawslover

    im playing
    1.) Galaxy on fire
    2.) 10 balls, 7 cups
    3.) Touchgrind

  • John

    Im playin
    -Pocket God
    -UNI WAR!


    At the moment I’m playing…

    Let’s Golf
    Space Trader
    Touch Ski 3D
    UniWar (loving this game)
    Rogue Touch (get it while on sale)

  • tapni

    Right now:
    9 Innings: Baseball
    Treazures of Montezuma

  • SuperPaperSam

    right now im not playing anything because im typing this :)
    but lately I have played…
    Pocket god
    10 balls 7 cups
    Hospital Havoc
    taptap revenge (only numer 1 I dont like number 2)
    7 cities
    geo defense

    and hopefully i will be playing Blade Of Betrayal soon :)

  • mrholder

    I’ve been playing:
    GL Golf Deluxe
    Bike or Die 2

    This looks like a good old retro style game.

  • Jeremy


  • jacksonitup

    Bike or Die 2
    Sky Force Reloaded
    Stitch’em Words

  • Zach

    I am currently addicted to Flight Control!!
    Also, I’ve been really into Sway, Topple 2, Geo Defense, X-Plane, Freeballin’, and Flick Fishing!

  • Nitish

    I’ve been playing iShoot Lite for over 3 months now since bought my iPod Touch – Totally Addicted to it.

    Also been playing Virtual Pool, Red Sky, Fast Lane, Cubes and Virtual Pool.

    These are the games that keep me occupied when ever i get bored along wid listening to my Favorite Music.

  • Robert

    imafia. It’s surprisingly addicting

  • pitbull

    1. Pocket god
    2. Scramble

  • Jutonik

    Creeps and hamsters

  • VoodooVyper

    Currently I’m playing Sentinel and Elemental. Here and there I’ll play a bit of Zen Bound.

  • nuggetsman28

    1.flight control and furious


  • bowgui

    archers, racing, and malevolent

  • Mazda.Man

    Elemental and Fastlane. Just got Uniwar, haven’t played it yet though.

  • Jones

    lemonade tycoon!

  • Slappy

    Arvale ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Irene

    I am playing skycoaster, uggles, Edge

    Hope I win the game.

  • DonBurns99

    Right now I’m playing Gemmed!, Globs, Hospital Havoc, geoDefense, and of course Memory Matrix / Speed Brain.

    Best of luck to all the entrants. ^ ^

  • Servetovictory

    Currently playing Reign of Swords!!!

  • samir

    -the void
    -9 innings

  • Susan

    love my time management games. I’ve been playing hospital havoc, supermarket mania, airport mania and wedding dash :)

  • Ray

    Drop 7
    Zen Bound

  • Jason

    I’m currently playing:

    UniWar {so, amazing, period}
    BaseBall Superstars 09 {awesome}
    Artic Shuffle {go penguin go}
    Heavy Mach {metal slug baby!}
    Lock N’ Roll {so….addicting….}
    Pocket God {dance my puppets!}
    Zombieville USA {rednecks + zombies = FUN}

  • Dennis

    zombieville and uniwar

  • jack99

    I’m still playing with payback on and off. Can’t wait for CarJackStreets!!

  • billyBoB

    haven’t had time to play much of games recently. I do have Zenbound, Tetris and Monopoloy on my main page tho :)

  • Danni

    pocketgod, baseball superstars09, hero of sparta, tna wrestling, real soccer and a couple of TDs (creeps and 7 cities)

  • joeb

    Currently addicted to flight control and bowman!

  • darren c.

    wolfenstein 3D!!! (awesome port to ipod)

  • Daniel Novoa

    I’ve Recently been Playing
    1)Real Football 2009
    3)2XL Motocross
    4)Ferrari GT
    5)Fast And Furious

  • Red

    Pocket god and rolando

  • Carmine

    so many games to list, but my top three that I am playing are 9 Innings baseball,Fruit Juice Tycoon and iDracula

  • LarryW

    PokerQuest :)

  • tinglemingle

    1-Fast & Furious The Game (great racer)
    2-Let’s Golf (reminds me of Hot Shots golf)
    3-Flick Fishing (best fishing sim for itouch)
    4-Uniwar (itouch’s advanced wars)
    5-GeoDefense (best TD imo)

  • Ryan

    1.) Payback
    2.) MLB Baseball 09
    3.) Galaxy on Fire

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