Ouch! in Review – Masochistic Miniatures


In my eyes, nothing is more satisfying than ragdoll physics games. Just the idea of being able to hurl something that abides by real life physics and gravity simply overwhelms me. While there has not been an application that satisfies my need for ragdoll torture as well as the flash game “Interactive Buddy”, Ouch! by Hondune Games, comes pretty darn close.


Ouch! is as simple as a game can get. Your main objective is to cause as much damage to your ragdoll as possible within a certain timeframe. The amount of “nudges” (pushes) that can be administered to your ragdoll varies per scene and Ouch! comes loaded with a total of 49 scenes spanning categories such as Starter Levels, Pushing Buttons, Tilt Tests and Community Selections. Each scene brings new challenges as you try to achieve the highest score possible. Unfortunately, Ouch! lacks an online highscore list to compare your damage results with other people.


If you get bored of playing the packaged scenes, you can always create your own Ouch! levels. Ouch! has a built-in scene editor which adds longevity and fun. There are several items to play around with including trashcans, baseball bats, bowling balls, and even cars. Certain objects such as cars are special because they are interactive. You will know an item is interactive when there’s a little red button nearby which will trigger the item. So, when pressing the car’s button, the car automatically starts driving in the direction it is pointed. Another interactive item is the cannon, which of course shoots out cannonballs.

When creating a scene, you start by choosing from a small list of backgrounds. You can also adjust the number of possible nudges, time, and the level’s name. Once you’re done with all that, the real fun begins. Props are broken into three categories: dynamic, static, and interactive. As described before, interactive props are items in which have triggered actions. Static props are objects that stay stationary no matter what. These items include spikes and quarter pipes. The dynamic items are the ones that move when they come in contact with something. For example, if you throw your ragdoll into a trashcan, the trashcan will then fall over (elegance at its finest).

You can also add walls to your scenes so your ragdoll can follow a path. When you’ve finished your work of art, you’re given the option to export it. By exporting the scene, you not only save it for yourself, but you also enable your scene to be viewable by others by saving it as an image. Scenes can be imported from Safari or via in-game menus. Here is agallery of fan-created scenes at flickr.com. The replay system is very intricate, allowing you to easily fast forward or rewind the replay at any time. When playing back replays, pausing will allow you to freely zoom in and out of any portion of the screen.

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Scenes aren’t the only things you can create. You can even make your own homebrew ragdoll basically from scratch. Height and weight, clothing (even hats) and even faces can be customized. Using your fancy iPhone camera, you can add your own face into Ouch! and resize it to fit the ragdoll. You will need to be creative though as you need to have three different faces for each ragdoll. Each face represents an emotion (happy or sad) or state (pain, pleasure). If your ragdoll gets crushed by anvils then the upset/pain face show your avatar. Nothing is more gratifying than throwing a ragdoll with your friend’s face on it into a pit of spikes after he got ketchup all over you when you went out to lunch last evening..

My only gripes are that Ouch! has no online scoreboard or scene/character browser. I would also like to see some unlockables and/or achievements in a future update. I’m always a striver and the kind of person that will play a game twice as long just to unlock the final item or get the best achievement. Additional clothing customization such as color selection would be great as currently Ouch! is limited to pre-made outfits. Finally, a few more backgrounds for the scene editor would be nice (ex. being able to choose photos from your photo album).

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Ouch! is a game for masochists and basically everybody else. Whether you need to release bottled up anger after your nice shirt gets ruined by ketchup or you simply wanna have an ecstatic time throwing a ragdoll down stairs or into pinball flippers, Ouch! is a great outlet. With plenty of replayability thanks to the scene editor, and a plethora of objects to play around with, I definitely recommend picking up Ouch! It has well-earned a Grab It rating.

App Summary
Title: Ouch! (v1.1) Developer: Hondune Games
Price: $2.99 App Size: 9.2 MB
  • Great ragdoll physics
  • Advanced scene editor with many objects to manipulate
  • Ability to save and review replays
  • able to import and export scenes and characters
  • No online character or scene browser within the app
  • Could use more clothing options
  • Nothing to unlock. No achievements


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