Flip Disc in Review – Master of The Discs

flipdisk1I was pretty excited to get to review a new puzzle game named Flip Disc from Chillingo, after all they brought us The Quest and iDracula, among other quality games. The concept of the game is very simple, rotate the five discs and form a line of the same color of different colored gems that are constantly flowing from the outermost disc first to the center. If you form 10 lines, you move on the next level. Sound easy enough? Let’s see…

Flip Disc has a simple clean menu and gets bonus points for a challenge that’s for sure. Rotating the layers of the circle discs so all the gems of the same color form a line is not as easy as it sounds. Every identical colored line you form gives you 10 points. If you get more than one line with only one rotation, you get a nice score boost. You move up a level for every 10 lines you complete. Upon finishing you will be known as Flip Disc Master and get an award.


There are five special gems in Flip disc which can be used to form lines with the other four gems. Once again, you must make sure the gems are all the same color. Only one special gem per line is allowed. The Five Special Gems along with their abilities are:

  • Mega Score [Score Boost]
  • Time Stopper [Stops New Gems from Coming]
  • Blocker [Blocks off for a few seconds the Disc where Gem is on]
  • Explosive [All Gems on the same disc are decimated]
  • One Gem that you will want to stay clear of is the Black Gem which is the Evil gem

flipdisk2The controls I found a bit cumbersome, they consist of the first left arrow button which changes the layers of the wheel by rotating the Disc clockwise. The right arrow button does the same but counterclockwise. The next set of arrow buttons is the left one pointing up, which selects an outermost disc and the right button pointing down, which selects an innermost disc. I would have preferred manual tapping rather than these four sets of buttons.

At the bottom is a bar that goes from green (when you are safe) into red (danger), where you will lose the game. You will also hear a rather loud alarm go off if you don’t happen to notice your bar has approached the danger zone. The “Next” button, tells you what colored gem is coming up and you can also force a new colored gem to be produced by tapping it.

As a side note, Flip Disc actually has an exit button which a lot of apps do not have. If you have to exit a game usually, you would use the home or top button on your iDevice, so kudos to Chillingo for including that option.

The graphics are surprisingly subdued for this puzzler but are adequate enough. I would have preferred a much more lively wheel of discs instead of being rather tiny on the screen. The music although rather plain wasn’t annoying and kind of lent to the hectic pace of Flip Disc.

flipdisk4What I liked about Flip Disc is that it’s a real challenge of a puzzle game. It’s a quick paced game and is definitely not easy starting off. The instructions were very good and do a good job of explaining the objective of the game. It kept me busy, it kept my attention.

What I didn’t like about the game was that there was no “flipping” at all in the game. The controls I felt were not necessarily the best design. I feel that Flip Disc would have been better served with tapping on the discs or moving them rather than saddled with pushing four sets of buttons.

Puzzle gamers will want to get Flip Disc for its different game play and challenging progressive difficulty. I have to subtract points for only fair game controls, so Flip Disc gets a Tap It rating from me.


App Summary
Title: Flip Disc (v1.0) Developer: Developed by Polar Motion (Published by Chillingo)
Price: $0.99 App Size: 7.8 MB
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Quick paced game
  • Pretty good value at only $0.99
  • Controls felt cumbersom
  • Graphics are not so polished


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