Otto Matic: Alien Invasion in Review – War of the Worlds

ottomatic1When I was a little girl, my mother fueled my interest in old B&W science fiction movies that weren’t very good at all. They were entertaining though and many laughable. These types of movies are commonly known as “B-Movies” and many a Saturday I spent watching them totally transfixed. I would also freak out over movies like “My husband is a monster from outer space” or “Giant Brains” which threatened to take over the world. As I got older, watching giant spiders made me shudder but also laugh at the same time at the terrible special effects. I grew to really enjoy these bad B-movies, so if you are a sci-fi aficionado, you’ll want to give Otto Matic: Alien Invasion a very close look.

Brian Greenstone, the president of Pangea Software was influenced by sci-fi movies of the 50’s & 60’s, like The Day The Earth Stood Still (Recently remade with Keanu Reeves) and the classic Plan Nine From Outer Space. These were all movies I relished as a child. I think it’s very clever that Greenstone used his influences from these old movies to create an adventure game called Otto Matic.

ottomatic2In the game the year is far back in the past, 1957 to be exact and flying saucers from Planet X have invaded earth to abduct humans. This is a plot of the evil Brain Aliens (gasp!) who are whisking the humans away to strange planets so they can be slaves of the Giant Brain. Not a very pleasant scenario for us humans eh?

You play the role of Otto Matic, a robot who is designated to save Earth from the clutches of those wicked Brain Aliens. Otto Matic’s spaceship takes him first to earth to save as many helpless humans as he can, then it’s off to 9 other planets to hopefully defeat the Giant Brain once and for awhile. The defeat means peace will return to the galaxy and you will drop the humans back on earth where they will go back to living a normal (probably strange) life again!

ottomatic3Otto Matic has 10 levels which are really 10 planets, filled with all sorts of wacky aliens and creatures. If you want to save all the humans you can, you will need to know how the controls work. The controls for Otto Matic were awkward at times. They actually made it frustrating for me to play the game. The first thing you will notice is the big quirky D-pad. There are buttons on the right. The hand icon is for Otto Matic to punch enemies and also pick up important items like a stun gun, flame gun and orbs. When you first start on Planet Earth, you will see these different colored orbs, Red, Yellow and Blue. Picking up these orbs will affect Otto Matic in different ways. The bottom button is for his jet set. The top one is for Otto to store his items or to take them out again. Finally, the one on the right is Otto’s trusty fire button.

ottomatic4The Graphics are stunning in Otto Matic. They can be used to show off your iDevice for they are that good. Very colorful, the humans look right out of 1957, the Aliens and strange creatures are very fittingly bizarre. The soundtrack fits perfectly with this B-movie parody.

What I really liked about Otto Matic was the amazing graphics first and foremost. Brilliant detail and very creative sci-fi influences. Having 10 planets to explore is a good amount of game time. Each level is very different and holds new surprises. It is by no means an easy game.

ottomatic5What I didn’t like about Otto Matic is the quirky D-pad control. Even so, I still found Otto Matic to be a pretty good adventure game in general. Others I am sure might find the D-pad controls perfectly fine. One tip, turn OFF the Smooth Cam in settings to make it easier to control him. I found turning it off improved control a tiny bit.

Playing Otto Matic brought back great memories of old B-movies and I wanted to feel like I was in one of those movies. The game in certain parts did make me feel like I was in an old science fiction movie, especially with that soundtrack! Brian Greenstone should be proud of himself for creating such a different and unique game. The controls however put a slight damper on the movie like experience, so that’s why I’m only giving it a Tap It Rating.


App Summary
Title: Otto Matic: Alien Invasion (v1.1) Developer: Pangea Software
Price: $4.99 App Size: 57.7 MB
  • Amazing graphics, some of the best seen on the idevice
  • Imaginative Aliens & Worlds
  • 10 levels which are totally different than each other
  • D-pad controls were awkward at times
  • Some tasks are repetitious


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