Chip-Eating Habit: Nand Cornered by Apple

rumours-apple-nand-mogulIn what is sure to be an unsurprising move, Apple are again hoarding new chips: mostly from Samsung. But, before any0ne goes on to speculate about weight problems and the hardening of arteries, we can conjecture that Apple’s survival of last year’s engorging prior to the iPhone’s 3G release will ensure their continued health and prosperity. This ain’t Space Trader: Moon Madness – Apple don’t have to buy low and sell high – they just need to start consuming and the market, analysts and hype take over.

Well, Apple have engorged themselves on a mound of chips that dwarfs last year’s gluttony – to the optimistic tune of 2x. So, why get excited? Aloof and condescending, shigzeo shits again on typical rumours as if his opinion really was a matter. If Apple buy up a bunch of chips, they have only two options: a. get some mayonaise or b. build something cool. The head Apple has a good slim physique but happens to be a bit tall for a jockey and the average Apple Store employee is still has to fit into a shapely tee long enough to get promoted. My guess is that Apple are really about to do something with their purchase. However, given Apple’s tireless refreshes and product cycle, it would be inane to assume they would not be pulling something together, even without rumours of chips n’dip.

Imagine my current excitement when my previous guess (along with the guesses of every half-wit with half a brain) will be proved correct: there will be new hardware from Apple – and it will be portable. Conjure something up in your mind that affixes a *.Touch or *.Phone – mark my words. Given the times and economic conditions, Apple are choosing a hell of a time to engorge themselves on chipmaker’s silicon but then, they think different and even positive amid the world’s turmoil. Over and out – positive thinking to achieve an Apple-released FM transmitter in the next iPhone iteration.

[via engadget]

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