Bobby Carrot 1 in Review – He’s no Bugs Bunny

bobbycarrotclassic1Let’s rewind to April 2004 shall we? Five years ago the beloved Bobby Carrot was born! Bobby Carrot started off as a J2ME Mobile game. To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Bobby Carrot, FDG software has started releasing four of the Bobby Carrot prequels priced at only $0.99 every month. Let’s see how the first prequel stacks up against the most recent Bobby Carrot game.

Bobby Carrot Classic prequels are:

  • Bobby Carrot 1: Classic
  • Bobby Carrot 2: Winterland
  • Bobby Carrot 3: Evolution
  • Bobby Carrot 4: Flower Power

Bobby Carrot 5, which was the very last one for J2ME mobile was in fact remade for the iPhone and named Bobby Carrot Forever. It was immensely popular and still gets rave reviews among gamers. The little adorable rabbit that had to solve puzzles to progress to the next level was a hit thanks to its simple looking yet challenging game play.

bobbycarrotclassic2iPhone and iPod touch users can now experience even more of the carrot loving rabbit Bobby with Bobby Carrot Classic 1. The first thing that struck me was the real retro look of the game screen which is literally inside a replica of an arcade game complete with joystick. I found this charming but a bit distracting as well since I wanted to see the whole screen.

Bobby Carrot Classic is no slouch when it comes to levels, it boasts 55 levels across Carrot Mode and Easter egg mode. The objective in Carrot Mode is to get the curious bunny to collect all of the carrots in the level, so he can move on to the next one. This is not so easy because he has to cross over platforms that can spring up with spikes at any second and these prove lethal for poor Bobby. I found it definitely tricky to maneuver the rabbit through this minefield so to speak so he could get to the other side. Easter egg Mode is where you have to lay all the Easter eggs in the nests on the ground in order to move on. There are a lot of obstacles I have mentioned and when you think one part might be easy, it turns out it really isn’t.

bobbycarrotclassic3The game control sports your choice of Joystick classic style or two swipe methods where you swipe your finger on the iDevice screen to direct the bunny around each level. I found the Joystick to be more precise for me. Sometimes when I used the Swipe movement control, particularly in an area where Bobby could die, it would often lead me to walk right into the spikes thus killing him instantly. Using the Joystick gave me a tighter control and I could get him around the obstacles better. I’m sure either game control method will suit most gamers very well.

bobbycarrotclassic4The graphics of Bobby Carrot are very cute, cartoony and made me happy. What I like about this game is how adorable he is and the challenge of getting through all the obstacles. The sound is actually updated and it sounds pretty good. It suits Bobby Carrot Classic 1 very well. What I like about this game is that it is pretty fun and gives players a real challenge of getting through all the obstacles. My only 2 minor complaints are the small size of the screen, though a future update will have full screen which is great news indeed. Lastly, the difficulty was a bit frustrating as I had to restart numerous times in the higher levels, but it was still a fun experience.

I don’t think honestly this is up to the standards of Bobby Carrot Forever (the last game in the series) but it was a great start! Happy 5th Anniversary to Bobby Carrot and I can’t wait to play the three remaining Classic games!


App Summary
Title: Bobby Carrot 1: Classic (v1.0) Developer: FDG Entertainment
Price: $0.99 App Size: 5.7 MB
  • Fun & challenging puzzles
  • 3 more BC games are to follow
  • Choice of Joystick or Swipe method for better control
  • Over 50 levels with 2 Game Modes
  • Doesn’t quite live up to BC Forever’s puzzles
  • Those who are impatient with puzzles may struggle with this


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