iPod Touch 2G Jailbreak Beta: redsn0w melting


redsn0w beta jailbreak for the iPod Touch 2G is now available for those who don’t mind a bit of typing. One step closer to point and click GUI hacking, the iPhone Dev Team are making leaps and bounds progress on this platform that has been comparatively sidelined from the jailbreak scene. With promise of future GUI jailbreaks just down the track, the Dev Team race on.

Those who are not comfortable with command line interfaces should probably stay away, but redsn0w really is a simple hack with only the following commands in their txt file.

In versions of OS X above 10.5.6, DFU mode has been disabled by a bug in the
operating system that Apple has not yet seen fit to fix. A work-around for
this problem is connecting the iPod through a powered USB hub rather than
directly through the computer. It’s also possible to use a software hack to
temporarily fix this problem to use this software. Please see the blog post at
http://blog.iphone-dev.org/post/74278878/close-the-stable-door for more

1. Either connect the iPod in DFU mode to the computer
Follow the step-by-step DFU instructions with the program
2. Start Terminal (in the Utilities folder under Applications)
3. Type ‘cd ‘ (cd space)
4. Drag the redsn0w folder into the Terminal window
5. Push enter
6. Type ‘./redsn0w’ and push enter

Those of you who are stuck on Windows or tough it out on Linux should have it no more difficult. If you are daring and have need of a Jailbreaked iPod Touch, have at it – unbridled functionality awaits your shiny device.

[via iPhone Dev Team’s Blog]

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