First iTunes-Powered Ballistic Missiles spotted in Apple’s TOS – Steve Says ‘Up Yours’ to Militant iPod Users

news-itunes-tos-gizmodoThese days, Apple are demanding a lot from their users. Even back in their Golden Years, they demanded that mac users learn how to use a mouse, which quickly evolved into easy-to-use computering and later, forced adoption of the fast, well volted firewire. Recently, we have had to say goodbye to firewire, usable usb ports, removeable batteries and lastly, impunity to create weapons from our DRM-free songs in the iTunes Store.

For many iPod-addicted users, the last stringent rule that Apple slammed down will be the most difficult to swallow. I won’t admit it, but whilst out hunkering down at open WiFi spots, I use my iPod Touch to research ballistics and when I spot a deliciously clandestine tweak or formula, I type out its secrets. With OS 3.0 and the debut of cut and paste, my work will be much easier. For now, repetitious back and forthing between Safari and Notes is doing wonders for the left side of my brain – a fact which will come in handy as a brooding militant may come in handy if I am someday put under stress.

In fact, I can memorise basically anything. Anything. Just toss out a few hints and I bet you that I have recollections and facts about your query. Anything.

[via Gizmodo]

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