TNA Wrestling in Review – Get Ready To Rumble

tnawrestling1I was surprised, I mean, literally surprised when I first started playing TNA Wrestling on my iTouch. I mean, I played wrestling games before, but I’ve never experienced anything like this. Simply put, TNA Wrestling is the most unique wrestling games I have ever played, seen, or heard of, and the further I progress in the game, the more it continues to astound me and draw me further in.

tnawrestling2So, what is this game that I’m absolutely loving? It is a strategic turn-based RPG set in the world of wrestling. It is perfectly design for the iDevice and stands uniquely alone in the experience it provides for its players

The tournament mode includes a Training and a Free Play scenario. In the Training mode, you are taught the mechanics of the game step by step. The instructions are spot on and easy to follow. In the Free Play mode, you have the option of playing a quick game. There are 8 different styles of play including Tag Team, Gauntlet, Ironman, and so on. You can choose from a diverse list of TNA characters with the ability to unlock more as you continue to play. This is all standard fare.

The area where this really game shines is in the story mode. In this mode, you are able to build your own character. While the selection may be limited in determining how your character looks, there are enough options to keep you at least mildly entertained. You are also able to give your character his name that will be used throughout the course of the story. (As a side note, you are limited only to male characters…)

tnawrestling3In the story mode, the RPG elements really come into play. You are greeted with choices of dialogue. Your choice will determine your character’s personality. Also, depending on your dialogue selections, you are given points that will bolster your stat. Winning matches also increase your stats as well as give you better combos and signature moves. The further you progress, the more skilled your character will feel.

Throughout various points in the story, you are presented with options that will change the nature of events. One such option is the choosing of Tag Team partners and alliances. You can also be a well liked, polite wrestler or a jerk. All the have ramifications that build on each other. It gives a great feeling of variety each time you play the story mode.

tnawrestling4Beyond the RPG elements, story, and everything else, the area where this game really shines is in its combat system. When you start off, you are presented with a variety of action options. You can punch, kick, grapple, and so on. On the bottom of the screen are combos that deal your opponent devastating damage. By properly touching the correct sequence of buttons, you are then prom;ted to either swipe, repeatedly touch, or double touch the screen to finish the combo. This is not an arbitrary action, but is extremely well implemented and makes the combos so much more of a joy to finish off.

Once you get your opponent down to his yellow or red zone, you can pin him. When you choose this option, a meter appears. You have to touch the screen when the indictor falls on the green section. If your opponent pins you, then same meter appears and if you get the indicator within the green zone, you can escape. That zone is directly proportional to the amount of damage received throughout the fight.

tnawrestling5All this is done with decent graphics and decent audio. Although they are not horrific, they are perhaps the weakest points of the game. They are just standard, but the gameplay and RPG elements more than make up for it. While some may balk at the price, the game more than justifies its cost. Just let me say that TNA Wrestling is definitely a game unlike any I have ever played before. I’ve gone pretty far in the story mode, and it has yet to get boring or tedious… and that’s saying a lot.


App Summary
Title: TNA Wrestling (v1.0) Developer: Longtail Studios
Price: $4.99 App Size: 18.1 MB
  • Unique Combat System
  • Variable Story Lines
  • RPG Elements
  • Average Graphics
  • Average Audio
  • Men Only


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