The Quest Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)


The Quest, developed by Redshift and published by Chillingo, was the first true RPG to hit the App Store. If I may quote my main man and TMA’s very own shigzeo from his review of this fantastic game:

My friends, (The Quest) should be considered the benchmark for RPG makers to follow: classic and deep; methodical and detailed; it is a true role-playing experience among portable RPG’s that are nothing but shallow hack and slash weapon-building adventures.

With that said, TouchMyApps is excited to be giving away 5 copies of this sweeeet RPG for the iDevice. To win a copy, simply submit a comment and tell us what your favorite RPGs are of all time. Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close April 12th @ 8pm EST.

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Thanks for all the comments everyone and hope all had a great Easter Weekend!

Without further ado, here are the winners for The Quest promo codes:

Dario, DrJD, @Sweepstakesgirl, Big Albie and @rayggans

Enjoy this great RPG for the iDevice!!

  • Mr. Charley

    Favorite RPG of all time is Fallout

  • SuperPaperSam

    my favorite RPG of all time would prob be runescape (yes im a nerd but i played it all the time when i was a kid) but im starting to like fallout 3 for the xbox 360. :)

  • tee-Back

    Ya’ll heard of Brave Soul? Its da greatest hentai RPG evar. just, you gots to be 18 years and mature. actually lotsa good hentai RPG out there. lotsa. the Quest is not hentai but looks fun anyway since I heard theres hookers.

  • Met Burra

    Favorite RPG is definitely Fallout 3.

  • Jessica Snyder

    Does Pokemon Pearl count? If so, then that’s my favorite. (And probably only one I’ve ever played)

  • Pokemon? Haha, well who really knows – I’ve not played it. However, what is that RPG hentai stuff up there? Fallout is a classic classic futuristic RPG of high calibre.

    Have none of you played Ultima? It seems lately that true and good RPG’s are very hard to come by – I hope to hear of someone who has played RPG’s that stretch back into the golden age when RPG’s were doing actual revolutionary work in video games.

    Come on!

  • Jeremy

    Fallout ftw

  • ricky

    Paper Mario rpg (N64)is my favourite of all time. Haha. What a great game that was…good times.

  • samir

    so many great RPGs to list! If i had to choose one, perhaps Final Fantasy vii for psOne

  • Ray

    Best RPG for me is Clan Lord ( The graphics aren’t great, but 50+ people can interact on-screen at the same time and the player community is mature and dedicated. Excellent play balance and evolved by volunteers. On top of that, it’s now free!

  • DonBurns99

    My favorite RPG games tend to range from the NES to the PSX. A few good ones I can recall right off the bat:
    -Shining Force 2 (Genesis)
    -Vay (Sega CD)
    -Dragon Warrior (NES)
    -Super Mario RPG (SNES)
    -FF2 / FF3 (SNES – US numbering)
    -Chrono Trigger (SNES)
    -Breath of Fire 3 (PSX)
    -Wild Arms (PSX)
    -FF7 / FF8 (PSX)
    -Xenogears (PSX)

  • DrJD

    Ok, this is going to make me feel old, but I’m going to have to go with Wizardry and The Bard’s Tale. Wizardry because it was the first (computer) RPG I ever played back on the Apple ][, and Bard’s Tale (the second I ever played) because it added so much more (Color! Sound! A story!). I’ve always preferred first-person RPGs as a result.

    @shigzeo: I also remember and enjoyed Ultima, too; you’re not alone!

    Yeah, I feel old now :(.

  • Brandon


    A hilarious RPG that used the Quake II engine! Loved it!

  • MazdaMan

    My favorite RPG has to be Diablo 2. I put mannnyyyy many hours into that game. Runner up would be Oblivion for the 360. That would be my favorite first person RPG.

  • Irene

    Final Fantasy 7 is a all-time classics for RPG games. Graphics are good! My favourite.

  • VoodooVyper

    I do like Fallout 3 quite a bit, but Diablo still takes the cake. I recall putting a good amount of time into Skies of Arcadia for the Dreamcast quite a long time ago.

  • HrdRckCafe27

    I’m thinking Final Fantasy for the NES was great… I liked Pokemon too… *nervous chuckle*… Diablo II was good… I really liked Oblivion…

    Lets go with Final Fantasy for the win. :)

  • pitbull


  • jutonik

    Pokemon, absolutely

  • Jade

    Definitely has to be Diablo and Diablo 2/Diablo 2:LoD. Great games and still play it occasionally to this day. Has to be one of my all time favorite games, not just RPG’s.

  • Redstar

    I’d say diablo as well, it’s basically the biggest waste of time, of all time (maybe besides that wow game, but I’ve never played it) and it’s great fun

  • jacksonitup

    My favorite rpg has got to be fallout or oblivion. There just so awesome and deep. And they are both by bethesda, who rules!

  • Goldguy

    Final fantasy from the psp

  • Big Albie

    My favorite is a tie between Vay and Final Fantasy VII. I love’em all…what can you do?

  • bowgui

    I’ll pretend Metal Slug is an RPG and write that down =]. But, if i had to pick one, i’d say pokemon.

  • Kev jones

    I’ve always liked final fantasy

  • Bessamy

    I would say final fantasy.

  • Xam

    Baldur’s Gate remains my favorite although Bard’s Tale holds a very special place in my heart as my first “next gen” rpg.

  • Dario

    This looks like the Original Dungeon Master I played on the Amiga. There have been other, more sophisticated games after but that was the one that sucked me in. Make mine, Dungeon Master. (Black Gate was great too).

  • Ryan

    My favorite are Fallout (1-3), and Elder Scrolls 4


    Favorite RPG has to be MapleStory (NO I DO NOT PLAY ANYMORE)

  • Fletch

    My favorite RPG for the iPod is probably Void, though i am pumped for Zenonia, which looks great

  • Robert

    Avernum on the computer, or Arvale on the phone 😀

  • Starcraft is up there but even though I’m a little ashamed if it counts pokemon red version is great. Its a classic. This game looks nice i wonder how those controls will feel. So who ever gets it better write a review.

  • PhagoCychotic

    I know this is lame, but I’ve never played an RPG before. Since I’m of slightly advanced age, the only RPG that I grew up knowing about was D&D! I wish I had gotten into all these cool sounding games back in the 1990’s.

    Right now I am playing and enjoying Puzzle Quest on my iPhone. I also own Aurora Feint, but haven’t “battled” anyone yet. I guess these two entries don’t really qualify as true RPG’s but I am having fun nonetheless.

    I would really like to try The Quest and will be downloading the lite version tonight.

  • Slappy

    Uhhhh maple story!

  • yourofl10

    If you consider runescape a RPG thats my all time favorite. If you want ipos touch/iphone…..Crohicals of inotia: Legend of Feanor.

    Hope I win!! This site keeps me up to date on everything!

  • jawslover

    my favorite is fallout 2, best rpg of all time!!!

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