iQuarterback in Review – Not Futball, but Football

iquarterback1Football, that game that is localized to the United States of America… that great past time that involves strategy and sheer brute force… that game that is so easy to play with a bunch of friends, but it difficult to master on a competitive level… all these things that football is, iQuarterback is not. This App manages to take a complex game and focus with microscopic intensity at one specific aspect. While sometimes, although rarely, this philosophy of game making is successful, here, it misses the mark.

iquarterback2For those who are unfamiliar with football (and I’m talking more to the non-US crowd), football is a game involving two opposing teams. Each team takes turns switching between offense and defense. The goal is to get the football to their respective end zone while the other team stops them. This can be accomplished by either passing the ball or running it. The team with the most points t the end of the game wins.

This is a gross simplification of the game. It is actually far more complex. There are a variety of offensive and defensive positions and rules that, for the sake of you the reader, I will withhold from sharing. Needless to say, there are many tactics and plans of execution that make this game complex and deep.

iquarterback3So, if iQuarertback is based off such a deep game with many levels of complexity, what is that one aspect of the game that it focuses on?

As the name implies, the focus is on the task of the quarterback. The quarterback is the player who is most responsible for the pacing, planning, and execution of the offense. They are the ones who throw and hand off the ball. As such, a part of the repertoire of skills a quarterback needs to have is the ability to accurately pass to a moving target.

This passing skill is what iQuarterback is all about. The game revolves around your quarterback standing stationary in the bottom of the screen. When the timer counts down, moving targets zip, each with a different speed, horizontally across the screen one by one. They appear at varying lengths and distances from the quarterback. Also, some move diagonally.

When you touch the screen, the yellow box will start moving away from the quarterback. You can move this box left or right. Releasing your touch will make the quarterback throw the ball. You want to aim, not where the target is, but where it will be. When your ball hits the target, you will be awarded points depending on where on the bulls-eye it hit.

iquarterback5While the execution of this is good, I felt that the level of gameplay was flat. The 3 difficulty levels just changed the speed of the target, and that’s it. Even without expanding the scope of gameplay to other aspects of football, more could have been done with this game. Obstacles that periodically blocked the targets, two targets or more at the same time, a defensive line that rushes the quarterback. Even adding more routes for the obstacles to run would have added enough depth to this game to make the play more varied and engaging.

As it is, though, iQuarterback is well executed for its price. If you want an eyedrop of a football fix, then this is your game. If not, then I suggest waiting until a real football game comes out in the App Store.


App Summary
Title:iQuarterback (v1.1)Developer:FuzzyCube Software
Price:$0.99App Size:11.3 MB
  • Cheap
  • Well Executed Throwing
  • Mechanism
  • Global Leaderboard
  • Cheap
  • One Dimensional
  • Gets Boring Easily


  • Haha! I’m pretty sure Futball and football are the same thing while American Football is an anomaly, but we in the know will let it slide! good review of a cool looking title Young.

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