Cooking Mama in Review – Great little game for kids and teenagers!!

cookingmama1Cooking Mama really doesn’t need any introduction; it’s been one of the more popular games on the Nintendo platform, both the Wii and the NDS. However, there is problem – some “serious” gamers think that Nintendo consoles are really for kids due to the fact that that they lack violent games such as Gears of War. Hence I applaud Taito for porting Cooking Mama to the iPhone/ iPod Touch platform, because this way the game can be played by more gamers.

Honestly, I haven’t played the Wii or NDS versions myself, so please don’t be expecting a comparison article!!

cookingmama2Cooking Mama starts off with an opening screen that allows the player to select either game mode, “Let’s cook” and “Cooking Contest”. Being a fast-paced person, I chose the “Let’s cook” mode which let’s me choose which dish to cook. After selecting a dish, Cooking Mama actually allows me to either make the dish, or go into a practice mode. This is a very thoughtful touch because a player can learn a dish’s actual cooking steps. After playing and practicing with a few dishes, I realized that there were many steps in creating a number of dishes. But what I liked about the game was that it takes full advantage the platform has to offer, i.e. the touch screen and the accelerometer. As a result, games can actually mimic the cooking process in a very fun way.

cookingmama3After practicing with a few dishes, Cooking Mama became quite straight forward. However, as I finished dishes and unlocked even more, the game presented newer procedures in order to complete stages.

Overall, Cooking Mama is very well designed, with intuitive menus which access various sections of the game. It also provides very good instructions to allow beginners to learn the ropes  and enjoy the entire process. The sound and music also is very well integrated, making gameplay very fluid and “exciting”. I really enjoyed playing this game, as it provided a lot of laughter for my buddies and I.

However, there are downsides to Cooking Mama; when a phone call comes, games are reset and I will have to start from scratch, and sometimes  touchscreen input is laggy. Other than these flaws, Cooking Mama is very well developed.

cookingmama4Even considering my positive comments, the pricing is a little steep, and that Cooking Mama might only appeal to kids, teens and those who enjoyed it on the Wii and DS. Regardless, Taito’s Cooking Mama is still quite a fun game for the iDevice, especially in short spurts.


App Summary
Title: Cooking Mama (v1.0) Developer: Taito
Price: $6.99 App Size: 8.8 MB
  • Intuitive game play
  • Game takes full advantage of the platform’s characteristics
  • Graphics are fun and appealing to kids and teenagers
  • Incoming phone calls reset the game
  • Slight lag; might need some tweaking in future updates to improve


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