iPhone Firmware 3.0 Secrets: Video Camera Bared in Software or Slaved to a New iPhone?

30-iphonecameraMacrumors have uncovered an exciting feature that may actually make its way into iPhone 3.0 firmware. Yep, it is the video camera toggle that Apple have left out of the iPhone until now, rather forcing clever coders to come up with other means and other distribution methods to prove that the iPhone ain’t a joke. What’s unsure however is whether or not Apple will grant this feature to current iPhone users or if they will force a hardware upgrade for a piece of code.

What Will Apple Do? WWAD? What would Jesus do? WWJD? I am guessing the two are at extreme odds. Dont’ hold your breath waiting for Apple’s benevolent mercy. In attricious attacks aimed to bring the iPhone up to par with even the cheapest camera phone, they may bestow us with a function that should bloody well be there already, but they might just pull the firewire out from under our noses. This is Apple we are talking about.

After continued digging, Macrumors confirmed that the above screenshot is only available if the firmware is hacked – that is, led to believe the Phone has a camera: something Apple certainly don’t. Also hot and naked in the firmware, are the features, “auto-focus camera”, “magnometer” (think compass) and “voice control”.

As long as we are intent on these rumour voices however, the unveiling of a properly functioning 3.0 firmware will probably lead to mass letdown as Apple again fail to live up not only to rumours, but to what their hardware is actually capable of.

[via Macrumors]

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