3rd iPhone Software Possibilities Heat UP! Magnometer and Video-In Demos

iHologram – iPhone application from David OReilly on Vimeo.

It is no mean feat when Apple decide upon adding truly unique features to the iPhone which has been passed off by naysayers as underpowered, incapable and lacking a customary camera-phone feature. The recently rumoured magnometer and video recording features are being hyped by various sources including a Nokia blog and recent posts at TouchArcade suggest stunning new gaming and utility functions not possible with current hardware/software.

The first example uses the video camera to simulate interaction with a digital pet in a real-world environment. The scene is manipulated by touch controls and defined by several bar-code place markers that hone interactive elements for the pet. Note: this demo is run on a non-Jailbreaked iPhone suggesting the camera recording features for OS 3.0 that has been rumoured recently. Thank you TouchArcade.

On other platforms, similar input-based games are sprining up including a zombie-invasion thriller that uses real-world photographs to render the stage for the invasion.

While just demos, the possibilities are simply jaw-dropping for both developers who have unique ideas and for gamers who will reap the fun of the hard work.

While the wait cannot be much longer until either OS 3.0 or the next generation iPhone, demonstrations of this nature make the few short months hard to bear. I no longer read paperback novels nor use hardcover dictionaries for reference. My Bible and accompanying materials fit in my pocket but Apple still have a few kitchen sinks that are not mobile. With the release of OS 3.0 and hopefully the new magnometer, I will be able to as suggested by Macrumors, point toward a constellation and have real-time information about it. The same goes for environmental development tools where magnometer-equipped iDevices could be used in the contstruction field.

[via Macrumors]

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