Roger that: Next iPhone to have FM Radio – Over and Out

image thanks to 9to5mac

image thanks to 9to5mac

Now that the iPhone can emulate most functions of a maturing human, it is only right that while in gestation, its parents, Apple,  are thinking up ways to give the next iPhone actual media player features. So, aside from enjoying the peurile pleasures of burping, farting, peeing, pooing and then, in adolescence, graduating to breasts and pick-up lines,  your next iPhone may be able to pick up and transmit FM signals – if only Apple allow it.

Broadcom’s BCM4329 has this ability and according to some delving into bootscrip, could be enabled in the next iPhone iteration.

The BCM4329’s FM transmit capabilities enable consumers to stream music directly from their mobile devices to car stereos or home theater systems without special adapters or bulky cables. With the FM receiver, users can get real-time traffic information as well as music, news, and sports broadcasts on their mobile devices.

The current iPhone’s hardware allows for FM reception, but as we know, Apple are sure that we cannot handle the waves just yet unless the Nike trainer can be considered a radio programme.

[via 9to5mac]

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