Japanese Beauties – Ukiyo-e and Japanese Art Calendar from Appliya

From the company who brought us the Evangelion app suite that is deeply steeped in fan lore, a pair of historical art applications debuted early this Month. Appliya exhibit Ukiyo-e Beauties and Japanese Art Calendar which each draw inspiration from Japan’s methodical, alluring past: the wood-block print. Appilaya file these apps as utilities, but they would equally fit in as education or reference.

Their unique pairing of apps in the App Store for fans of anime and now Japanese art is a service to aficionados of both visual genres. Ukiyo-e Beauties’ spectacular images can be used to contruct personal calendars with the Japanese Art Calendar utility.

Ukiyo-e Beauties

Experience the full beauty of historic Japanese art with “Ukiyo-e Beauties” from Appliya.

This application brings you the long heritage of the traditional Ukiyo-e art form using the unique technological advantages of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Our app features art taken directly from The Chiba City Museum of Art, which hosts one of the world’s most famous Ukiyo-e collections. Images of these rare and valuable pieces of art are not available online and, unlike most digital presentations of Ukiyo-e works, our app features artwork that accounts for the fading effects of time, and we present these pieces with accurate colors that have been restored to their original clarity. This is the first real eBook for Ukiyo-e with such attention paid to original colors.

The world’s leading authority on Ukiyo-e prints, Professor Tadashi Kobayashi, supervised the color restoration process and creation of the Japanese text descriptions of the art pieces. Professor Robert Campbell of Tokyo University, another top researcher in Ukiyo-e, guided the creation of accurate English text that provides detailed discourse on the history and influence of the artwork. Beginners and Ukiyo-e experts alike can enjoy our presentation of this unique art.

Our image viewer offers an easy interface like the iPhone default picture viewer; so browsing through the art should feel familiar. But we’ve added additional features: the default viewer only has 1.5 times zoom, but our app allows 4 times zoom, allowing you to fully appreciate the exquisite quality of our high resolution (1150×800px) images. Unlike some applications, each of our images comes packaged with the application, so there’s no need to have an Internet connection for download. This is truly the best way to view the highest quality classic Japanese art!


- Ultra high resoluition imges!
5 paintings and 20 woodblock prints, all in stunning 1150 x 800 resolution
Enjoy beautiful depictions of old Japanese life, including the Geisha

– 4x Zoom!
Fully appreciate the exquisite quality and texture of our high-resolution images with unprecedented zoom levels.

– Descriptions and notes from the top experts in the field!
This app maintains the greatest authenticity with the involvement of Professors Kobayashi and Campbell, two of the world’s most respected experts in the art form.

– Enjoy original colors!
The utmost care and attention has been paid to display these historic treasures as they would have been viewed hundreds of years ago.

Appliya, Ukiyo-e Beauties, $1.99
Ukiyo-e Beauties

Japanese Art Calendar

The best of Japan’s traditional artwork at the touch of your fingertips! 12 remarkable pieces selected and color adjusted by experts for your viewing pleasure.

“Japanese Art Calendar” is a calendar creation app for art aficionados, offering selected pictures from our “Ukiyo-e Beauties” app (also on sale at the AppStore) as backdrops.

12 pictures from the remarkable “Ukiyo-e Beauties” collection are available to you. Create calendar images to use as your iPhone/iPod Touch wallpaper by specifying the month and layout. Once you’ve chosen your desired background image, you can choose to display up to several months on top of it, or choose a different picture for each month of the year.

“Ukiyo-e Beauties” is the first collection of ukiyo-e art created under the guidance of experts in this field. Professor Tadashi Kobayashi, the world’s premier authority on Japanese art, has assisted in selecting and supervising the color and image adjustments for this collection. The images used in “Japanese Art CalendarÂ¥” are taken directly from “Ukiyo-e Beauties” and are of the highest quality. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience genuine ukiyo-e art on your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Appliya, Japanese Art Calendar, $1.99
Japanese Art Calendar

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