Illusion Labs on the Big Screen: TouchGrind and Sway

Up close and personal the iPhone’s bigger cousin: a large toucscreen table from touchtechIllusion Labs show off their unique hits, Touchgrind and Sway. We expect that this sort of productioin is what could be expected from Illusion Labs in particular and from other developers in general if Apple were to release a larger touch panel based product to market.

Both Sway and Touchgrind are favourites at TouchMyApps because of their unique use of the iDevice hardware and extremely polished gameplay. However, sside from feeding gamer’s fancies, a product with from Apple with a larger format touchscreen likely would lead a revolution that could disassociate the computer with the desk or the lap.

One YouTube commenter suggests that Final Cut, Apple’s high-end video editing software, would be more “natural” if navigated using a similar interface. While touch Surface[s] are not a new or novel idea, they have not really broken away in form or function from the Microsoft demos which are well, in typcial Microsoft flair, full of middle age wholesomeness. I leave you with Microsoft’s prosaic take on touchscreens – enjoy your nap!

Illusion Labs, Sway, $4.99

Illusion Labs, Touchgrind, $4.99

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