The VOID in Review – The Space Between

thevoid1I have to admit, it’s been a while since I’ve played a game like this. You see, good top-down-space-shooters (if this is a genre of gaming) are tough to come by. Even more so, it’s tough to find them in the AppStore. Yet, here is The VOID waiting to take its place alongside other worthy games in this sub-genre. Let me just say, apart from any and every exaggeration, The VOID is definitely worth your money.

thevoid2This game has a very simple list of demands. The whole of the game can be summed up in three short sentences.

  • Destroy your enemies.
  • Upgrade your ship.
  • Conquer the Galaxy.

(Taken from the iTunes page)

This is done using a great control scheme. Left and right movement is done by tilting the accelerometer. One the lower left side of the screen is an up arrow, a down arrow, and a stop sign. They do exactly that. Accelerate, go backwards, and brake. On the right are three buttons labeled A, B, and C. These are assigned to a variety of weapons you can add onto your ship. These weapons include machine guns, missiles, lasers, and so forth. You can also install equipment to bolster your defense, maneuverability, or stats.

thevoid21It is in this that we find, perhaps, the greatest reason why this game rocks so hard. It incorporates an ingenious RPG system. Most RPGs require you to upgrade and level up by gaining experience points. Money is used to buy weapons and armor.

The VOID, on the other hand, leaves leveling up solely on the amount of money you have. As you defeat enemies, some may drop equipment, weapons, and every once in a while you will get a new ship. You have the ability to buy new ships that come with a whole range of options. Some will be huge and allow you to carry more weapons and equipment, but will be slow and easily targeted. others will be small and nimble, but weak and lack weapon and equipment space.

thevoid4Given all these options, you need to experiment in order to find your own style of playing. This is what really makes The VOID worth it. There are so many ways to play. You can conquer the Galaxy which ever way you want. You can choose to be a power house or fast and nimble. The use of “inertial flight”, the gravity from planets, and the red and green clouds all add to this experience.

This is the sole reason for playing The Void: The pure options and flexibility it provides in conquering the Galaxy one planet at a time.

thevoid5Pure, simple, and straightforward, The VOID wastes no time for back story. It wastes no time setting up an emotional treatise. No, for some reason, you’re this anonymous being that’s a pirate (don’t even know if you’re human) that has a chip on your shoulder the size of a planet, and the Galaxy stands in your way. This lack of story is a benefit to the game. It means, no cut scenes, no dialogue, no text scrolling.

The VOID is just you, your enemies, and a beautifully done RPG system. This more than justifies its price, and it provides a long, good, extended gameplay experience.

If you’re still not sure, the developer made a lite version for you to check out.


App Summary
Title: The VOID (v1.02) Developer: Alex Wayne
Price: $4.99 App Size: 52.1 MB
  • Customization
  • Non-Linear Game Progression
  • Flexible Playing Styles
  • It does crash from time to time


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