Fruit Juice Tycoon in Review – Time Management with A Twist

bmtpic1Time Management Fans Rejoice! In the new Time Management game, Fruit Juice Tycoon (formerly known as Blue Mango Twist), you are Nancy, a brand new fruit juice maker who is working her way up to become in the big leagues in the fruit juice world. This is a TM game with an actual storyline unlike contemporaries like Diner Dash and Chocolate Shop Frenzy. Sound easy just making juice? It is at first, but you have quite a deep and fun filled challenge ahead of you.

bmtpic2Fruit Juice Tycoon is a Time management AND a business tycoon game at the same time. You start out as Nancy, a wealthy young woman talking to your brother who is part of a big company. Nancy decides to strike out on your own to test the waters instead of being reliant on her father’s trust fund and run a business. Nancy’s brother teases her and wants to see if she can run a juice making shop and she goes on ahead eager to prove she really is up for the challenge.

Nancy is trained by Peter the juice shop’s manager in the tutorial that everyone should play, otherwise you’ll surely be lost in FJT. With Peter’s help, you learn the ropes which is how to sort fruit, pour the drinks to the right level, how to drink a cup that you screwed up on so there is no waste and finally how to buy the right amount of supplies. There are 3 levels of difficulty, slow, medium and fast. Slow is obviously the easy level. Sorting fruit is easy, you have to get 3 of the same kind of fruit in order for you to have one cup. You just tap one container to select the fruit and tap another of the two other containers to move it around.

bmtpic3You have to pay attention to the level selector on the drink while you have a customer! If you fill it just up to the level indicator, you will have a perfect drink and the customer say Cool, thus giving you a Cool point. A couple of these and you get a bonus! If you fill their drink below the line, you will get a Good compliment from the customer. That’s still good but the aim is to get Cool points which are important to get 120 points in one week so you can get more money to upgrade further build your empire.

When you are at the store, don’t buy too much!! This will lead to waste or overbuying. Buy just enough. When you get enough money you will be able to preserve equipment to preserve the fruit so it doesn’t waste! Fruit only lasts one day before it spoils. Nancy’s road to actually having a successful juice making empire is not going to be easy. She has to deal with some nasty folks from a big time competitor who aren’t about to let her take the lead over them in the juice making world. Fruit Juice Tycoon takes strategy for sure. If you don’t make enough money, you won’t get a passing grade from the customers and won’t be able to afford a store anymore.

bmtpic4The touch controls in Fruit Juice Tycoon were responsive, easy for me to delve into and learn right off the bat. Sorting the fruit is the most important skill in the game. If you can’t make your juice, you won’t even get off the ground floor but don’t worry, you will learn it very quickly. Keeping an eye on your supply was just a matter of being attentive and wasn’t hard at all in my experience. Shopping for your store was very simple BUT you have to keep an eye on the supplies you need and how many you need as well.

bmtpic5Keeping the customers isn’t always easy. When you think you are making the right type of juice drink for a customer but then they turn out to think the drink is poor or bad. You definitely do not want too many poor or bad comments from the customers. This will take away from your income and give you a failing grade at the end of each round. The controls of the Fruit Juice Tycoon mini-game which touch controlled based are delivering the right types of juice to their destination I found also simple. All you do is hit the right color button corresponding to each truck and make sure they reach the right place in time. If they don’t, then an unhappy face will be on the place and you don’t want that. It was a bit tricky at times because multiple trucks will come right another and you have to make sure each truck is going to the right place. It is a fun challenge though.

bmtpic6What I love about Fruit Juice Tycoon is that the interface is nice and clean. It has wonderful and colorful graphics. I wish they were a bit crisper but they look pretty good. It would have been a great touch if you could actually hear the customers say their comments. Game play is overall smooth as a baby’s behind. A nice touch also is that in the game options menu, you can choose to hear only the sound effects, background music or no music at all.

What I found only slightly annoying in FJT was that you have to be mindful that you have two taps to finish each drink, the first to stop the drink pouring and the second to serve it to the customer. Sometimes tapping wasn’t always as responsive but it really wasn’t that big of a deal at all.

This literally is a Time Management Game with a Twist indeed. While it looks similar to other TM games like Sally’s Salon or even Airport Mania, it is actually quite a deeper and strategy tycoon game as well. The storyline I thought was very good and interesting which added to the overall enjoyment of the game. I think this will definitely appeal to gamers who want a more meaty Time Management game. This is without a doubt one of the best Time Management games in the app store. It’s not too hard and not to easy. It is just right. You work your way up and that gives you incentive. What more do you want from a TM game?


App Summary
Title:Fruit Juice Tycoon (Formerly known as Blue Mango Twist) v1.0Developer:Minoraxis
Price:$1.99App Size:9.6 MB
  • Deep & Strategic Game play
  • Storyline enhances the game
  • Controls are smooth & easy to use
  • Lots of incentive to keep progressing in the game
  • One of the best Time Management Games currently out
  • Serving the drink was slightly unresponsive at times


  • Score! I was completely unaware the TMG existed. I love me some TMG’s. After reading your review of the game. My purchase has already been made. Thank you again!

  • Candy L

    Thank you! What do you think of it? :)

  • I like it! Bright and colorful easy pick-up and play appeal. Still working on my timing to get the fruit slice and umbrella in the cup everytime.

    As much as I enjoy it, I have spent more time with Dungeon Defense. That is a good one, love the theme for this particular TD. Looking forward to additional maps.

  • Ana

    I loved the game, but I can’t make more than 100 a day, does anyone have any tip to make that much??

  • Candy L

    Someone suggested the double head juicer which will boost your income. Hope it works for you :)

  • i’m addicted to it but i cant seems to find how to increase the selling price of the, anyone?

  • juliana

    i dont get what you’re supposed to do for the guy whos speech bubble flashes 2 colors.. can u give him either juice or something?

  • Joanne

    This frog dude appears at the end of July but he says pooreven if I gave him the right thing. How do you appease him, so to speak?

  • Candy L

    I don’t really know, it’s like roulette or something. I try to quickly make the juice as soon as the color.

    That one is a bit tricky.

  • Candy L

    I don’t think you can. I haven’t played through FJT lately to find out.

    Anyone else know?

  • Sarita

    How do I make more than 100$ a day?? I already have the 2 head juice but I’m on day 24 of 27 and there’s no improvement

  • SuperFJT

    Buy the Juice Stand for $700. That increases the price by $1 and helps you cross the $100 mark.

  • SuperFJT

    You have to be careful with this one. You have to make any one of the juices and then give it to him only when that color flashes.

  • SuperFJT

    You should give him the opposite of what he asks for. Read the “News” section everyday. This hint was given in there.

  • Kim

    What is the “Drink” button for in the lower right hand side of the screen for?

  • Adrianne

    Do the tutorial

  • Kal

    Certain items raise the price of your juice, try them

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  • its wayy too hard make the sale of juice higher and the upgrades cheaper because i am constanly restarting the game because of the fact i use my money on the badd things:/ oh and make multiple save slots 😀

  • Kate Yoak

    My favorite part about the game is that you have to be wise in the way you invest money in upgrades. It’s easy to spend all of it on cost-cutting items, such as ice makers, but they never pay for themselves!

    Now, here is what I am pondering:
    The juice stand costs $700 and raises the price $1. The shop costs $1200 and says, it raises $1.50. Is that a total of $2.50 or can I skip the juice stand and get all the value of the $1.50 increase?

  • Mehgan

    Id like to know too!!! Someone please respond!

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