In other news today…CLAN WARS!


Do you enjoy playing with (skee)balls? Is TouchMyApps right up there amongst your favorite iPhone blogs? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, then come support our Clan! Inspired by Tim Haines and his Burnball Tribes, The Portable Gamer spearheaded Clan Wars, where social gaming (and smack talking) take spotlight . Using the awesome 10 Balls 7 Cups game as the arena, Clans collectively pool their tickets for weekly prizes. This week (ending Apr 5th), the Clan with the most tickets accumulated in 10 Balls will receive free Freeverse games for their PC or MAC. Sweeeet! Better yet, we’re in the lead! (closely followed by TPG) So jump on the bandwagon for a great chance at free games!

If you haven’t played 10 Balls 7 Cups yet, now would be a great time to start tossing some balls. Young’s review of this addictive game can be found here. So what are you waiting for? Complete details after the jump!

  1. You need a copy of 10 Balls 7 Cups. Yeah, you’ll need to buy it if you don’t already own one (unfortunately)… but the good news is that its only a buck and you’ll have a great chance at winning free games this week and in the coming weeks.
  2. Fill out the registration form and enter your UDID number (unique identifier number for you iDevice). If you’re unsure how to do this, the form provides easy to understand instructions.
  3. Choose TouchMyApps from list of Clans. Failure to do so will be considered treason!
  4. Start playing with ’em balls! Collect as many tickets as you can and make TMA proud!

If you’re on facebook, check out the FB Clan Wars page and support TMA! (and talk some friendly smack).

Note: You’ll need an internet connection to upload your tickets won (done automatically) to our Clan. Be sure to follow the live leaderboard often at the  Clan Wars page!!

  • Common guys, with our combined amount of tickets we can bail shigzeo out of jail!

  • Louis

    For those who missed the biggest story of the year, read it here

    And yes, we need all the support we can get. Plus the game is freakin’ fun!

  • Ryan

    joined :)

  • Louis

    Welcome aboard Ryan!

  • and now i’m not studying… you bastards.

    go tma go!

  • Haha, chico! I’m right there with ya! Neglecting some time from my studies in order to throw some balls in the name of our clan, TMA!

  • cram all day/night, but before going to bed need to win a couple thousand tickets. :p

  • Zach

    ok so I joined last week and i think we won because we got the most tickets by April 5th…
    so when do we get the prizes?
    and how do they know who was in the clan???
    im just wondering!

  • Louis

    Zach! Yes we indeed won week two! I’ll be making a general posting soon and sending you an email with details regarding Freeverse prize!

  • Zach

    Alright, Thanks!!!

  • SuperPaperSam

    joined!!! :)

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