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bob1Billy Garretsen, the president of Perfect Dork Studios has said its taken 6 years for the retro platformer game Blade of Betrayal to be the game it is today and to get to the idevice. Garretson was heavily influenced by games such as Castlevania, Mega Man and Metroid when he first went about creating Blades of Betrayal. The NES reminiscent action sidescroller began its journey in 2002, first finding itself on the Pocket PC. BoB even won Action Game of 2003 from a pocket game publication, but how does it hold up on the mighty iPhone/iPod touch?

bob2Blade of Betrayal is like having a NES or better yet, A Super Nintendo game inside my iDevice! You are in the near future, two weapon manufactures are fighting to become the number #1 supplier to the government; NCorp which is run by Suke Hato and Fortified Industries owned and run by James along with Jacob Corinth. Fortified Industries comes out ahead of NCorp. Suke Hato desperately tries to form a partnership with Fortified Industries but is refused. Suddenly James winds up dead…Spencer Corinth; his only son is hell-bent on getting revenge and finding out who is responsible for his father’s death.

bob3Spencer’s uncle Jacob traces his brother’s murder to one person, Suke Hato, surprise! Surprise! Spencer can’t exactly go through the front door, so he must break into NCorp in a very stealth way…

In Blade of Betrayal, the menu has options which include turning the analog flip on or off and button flip on and off. On the normal screen you will see in the picture above, there is essentially a circular d-pad on the left side of the screen. This circle d-pad enables Spencer to go back, forward, crouch down and crawl. The right side of the screen you have the A button for knife attack which allows Spencer to stab the Ninja’s that are guarding NCorp. Right next to the A button is the J button appropriately named so you can jump over boxes and jump over rooftops. Above those buttons is the G button for grenades when you find it and a grenade meter bar right under it. Analog flip on simply reverses the circle d-pad to the right side of the screen while the action/weapon buttons are now on the left side of the screen. Button flip reverses the A button and J button.

bob6Please note Spencer’s weapons unlock doors and open up chests that contain health upgrades, necessary ammo upgrades and weapons so you can kick some Ninja hiney! Just stab or use one of your other weapons on them to do this. Spencer also has in addition to the obligatory health meter, a special power meter which can be refilled if you find the green refills in one of the boxes or chests he comes across. Spencer has a special weapon button in the top right corner of the screen. Tap the button to cycle through your special weapons. Some doors can only be opened by hitting them with the right colored weapon.

If you find yourself in a tough spot, you do have checkpoints in this game when you reach a certain part of the current level, so you don’t have to re-start at the beginning of the level when Spencer dies. Heck, you can even revisit previous levels when you level up to get more upgrades you missed the first time. Yes, you can travel back to any mission after you unlock it! Kudos to Perfect Dork for including that option in BoB.

bob7In each mission you are timed, so watch your time meter at the top left of the screen and try to try to recover as many as items as you can, wipe out all the Ninja’s so you can get awarded Bronze, Silver or the Pinnacle of the awards, Gold!

The graphics are very colorful, not blurry at all. The sprites are well done and I felt like I was back in late 80’s or early 90’s playing my Super Nintendo! I especially liked the cut scenes, props to the graphic department on making BoB so vibrant and a pleasure to view as I played the game. It really added to that old school feel but with an updated vibe as well on the iPod touch. The sound is not tiny sounding but has a nice simple electronic soundtrack that is not annoying. If you want though, you can turn off the game sound.

What really made Blade of Betrayal fun to play is its ease of use. It was very simple to start the game and get down to business. The analog circular pad I found extremely easy to use and I got used to it almost immediately. This is a type of game younger people and hardened gamers can play alike. It’s pretty much a straightforward platformer which gamers will find fun but at the same time, it has a pretty decent level of difficulty as well.

bob8What was annoying about BoB was that I found myself dying at times when I was almost THIS close to getting to the end of a level when a Ninja bumps into Spencer, killing him. Frustrating but that’s probably because of the choices I made in any particular level. People who have limited patience and don’t like to use strategy might not like Blade of Betrayal. I’m sure those who cut their teeth on platform games or who love to tackle games of this genre might either find Blade of Betrayal easy or a decent challenge. Also, the analog pad sometimes made Spencer crawl or crouch when I didn’t want him to and at the same time, the jump button was a bit too responsive at key times (though not really a big deal).

bob9Perfect Dork Studios in conjunction with Conjured Realms have developed Blade of Betrayal in its 6 year journey into a solid engaging action sidescroller that will appeal to those who like retro games and those who like a good game with a story. As you progress, Spencer gets closer and closer to finding the people and information he wants with help from his uncle Jacob. It has good graphics, is fairly easy to control and the choices of weapons are appealing. It has a lot of replay value for the aforementioned ability of going back to previously completed missions alone. I am glad it did make it to the iDevice because Blade of Betrayal, is definitely not a boring game; it will keep you occupied for a long time so Spencer Corinth finally avenges his father’s death!


App Summary
Title: Blade of Betrayal (v1.0) Developer: Conjured Realms
Price: $4.99 App Size: 8.0 MB
  • Good solid platform
  • Controls are well laid out and accessible
  • Retro styled graphics that are very well drawn
  • Has Mission Select for good Replay Value
  • Controls are too responsive at times which might lead to your character’s early demise
  • Might frustrate those who are not patient gamers.
  • No level difficulty option


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