Tap Forms – Personal Database in Review: A Paranoid’s Nightmare

tapforms1When I first took a look at Tap Forms, I honestly didn’t know what to think. Questions rolled around my mind. What is this? Is it a game? No? Do I need it? How do I use it? What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything? 42?

Once I got over this, I delved deep into the App. What I found was a versatile database program. It is a God-send for those, like me, who have a difficult time keep track of life and all the tiny bits of information that comes along with it. This one App takes the place of the multitude of scrap paper I have all over the place.

tapforms2In layman’s terms, Tap Form stores all the useful and valuable information in an easy to read and organize format. It provides you with 20 built in, pre-made forms. These include things such as bank account information, credit card info, serial numbers, alarm codes, journal entries, and more. All you have to do is fill them out, and they are stored in the database. You can even create your own forms by mixing and matching up to 11 different types of information such as dates, numbers, notes, photos, etc.

With all this information, one would begin to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that can accumulate. This is where two of Tap Form’s functions come into play. You can mark your favorite entry as a favorite, and it’ll have an entry in the favorites slot. You can also search by either value or title. Searching by value will scour every input in every entry. Searching by title just searches the titles.

tapforms3With all this information stored into one nice neat little database, it would be easy for someone to become paranoid. What if your iDevice is stolen? You’re giving away sensitive information. This is where the use of a password system comes into play. You are able to set up the rules for the locking and unlocking of Tap Forms. It works similarly to the way your iDevice’s password locking system works.

The unfortunate aspect of this is that the thief has eternity to crack the four digit code. While it may take a long time to do so, it is not impossible. That is why I believe a dual locking system should be used. Both should incorporate an alpha-numeric system. This should stall whoever stole your iDevice for a long time.

The other option you have is delivering all your info to your email account. Within each entry, you have the option of emailing yourself. This ability is both useful and practical. There is also another way Tap Form incorporates Wi-Fi. Through Tap-Forms, you are able to use your iDevice as a portable drive. On the Files tab on the bottom, there is an option to turn on the FTP. You connect to the FTP server from your computer and can drag and drop as you please. While many other Apps have this option, it is still good that ClickSpace Technologies thought about this.

tapforms4Perhaps the biggest drawback from this App is the price. $6.99 is a price that many people balk at. I guess it comes down to need. For people who need a good program to organize and keep track of all the information, this is definitely a must get program. For those that don’t have as much info in their lives, the price is definitely something to think about.


App Summary
Title: Tap Forms – Personal Database (v1.6) Developer: ClickSpace Technologies
Price: $6.99 App Size: 2.6 MB
  • Lots of Flexibility
  • Email Integration
  • Wi-Fi Hard Drive
  • Security Issue
  • Price


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