Smack Me in Review – Simon Says Grab Me

smackme_pic1When asked to do a review of Smack Me, based on the apps name my initial thought was, “I hope this isn’t one of those apps where some ladies breasts are wobbling around the screen!” Jumped into the App Store and was surprised to find the app icon had a picture of an 80’s style robot (okay fine, I was somewhat disappointed there wasn’t any wobbling involved). After booting up the app and giving it a go, boy, was I surprised! What I discovered filled me with nostalgia and put a very happy grin on my face.

smackme_pic2Smack Me loosely derives from the adolescent game of Simon Says where instructions are given and success depends on following the correct instructions. In the early 80’s, Milton Bradley released the widely successful handheld electronic game Simon. A big disc with four different coloured buttons, Simon players were asked to press the buttons in the same sequence that the device lit up the buttons. Success was achieved by continually repeating the correct sequence. In the late 90’s, Hasbro took the idea of Simon a step further and introduced the world to Bop It. Bop It was another handheld electronic game, but instead of pressing buttons like on its predecessor, the device had players perform other actions such as twist a crank, pull a handle, spin a wheel, press a button, or flick a switch. Bop It was successful because it was a game anyone could just pick up and play with a very small learning curve. The brains at FunMobility took the basic concepts of those successful handhelds and incorporated them with the iPhone/iTouch’s multi-touch screen and accelerometer and have created a true gem.

smackme_pic3 smackme_pic6

In Smack Me, players are asked to perform one of five commands: SMACK ME, PINCH ME, LIFT ME, SHAKE ME, or FREEZE ME. For the first few command requests, instructions are given on the screen (see above). The object is to successfully complete the command in the amount of time provided. As the game progresses and the levels increase, the amount of time allotted to perform the commands gradually decreases. And that in a nutshell is all the instruction you need for this game!

smackme_pic4 smackme_pic5

This game absolutely holds no depth whatsoever… and that’s great! Maybe I’m a simpleton, but from its comical 80’s robotic graphics, to the robotic voice informing you, “CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE NOW ADVANCING TO THE NEXT LEVEL”, this app definitely shines. For those looking for a game to captivate you for hours on end, please look elsewhere. If you’re looking for something quick and fun, you found it. Due to the ease of controls, this is one of those games where you can pass your iPhone/iTouch to friends and they’ll enjoy it as easily as you have. Perhaps the creators can take note and design a multiplayer aspect. Other types of gameplay or challenges would definitely make the game better, but more options could affect the sweet simplicity of the game. The only real problem I found is that sometimes the shaking and lifting gets intense, so be wary of your surroundings and make sure you have a good grip on your device.


App Summary
Title: Smack Me (v1.2) Developer: FunMobility
Price: $1.99 App Size: 7.4 MB
  • Clear and straightforward controls
  • Fun/Retro graphics and sounds
  • Easy to pass to friends
  • Lack of differing gameplay
  • Possibility of dropping device


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