Newsflash! NEXT iPhone to Be Even BETTER! Except the Chinese one…

Analysts exist to help stock run up and down based on speculation and silly reports. So, while RBC reckon that a cheap iPhone won’t debut to expectant consumer hands, Lazard Capital Markets analyst, Daniel Amir suggests that indeed, a cheaper iPhone will make its appearance, just not to North American and Europe.

His take is that the cheaper iPhone will not be for those consumers who don’t value fast internet speeds or other features, but rather for different countries. How novel – here, Lazard who were relatively unknown now have a space atop Apple Insider’s blog and now a hand in probable stock shifts. Amir’s predictions are that Brazil, Russia, India and China – or China only – will get the lower priced iPhone that features fewer features while the whuffie-stealing model will be an unpredictable upgrade to the current iPhone. In fact, he goes so far as to say that it will harbour more space! More Camera! And more video!

Inside iPhone 3.0 firmware, hints suggesting different models have surfaced as they do in every revision of any OSX – while captivating, it would be greater news if Apple dropped hints that the next iPhone would be several steps backward in hardware functionality. We remain confidently aloof toward this rumour and pray for your souls.

If you can write a better analyst report on the next iPhone, please comment away!

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