The Apple iPwn: Apple Taking Jailbreak Under their Wings? ;)

news-jailbreak-patent-appEngadget report on a picture included in a recent patent application by Apple which displays a jailbreaked summerboard and a few apps that only Jailbreaked iPhones can run. After Apple’s bruhaha legal paper detailing the illegality of Jailbreaking and its detrimental effects on their service standards, the hand-drawn images surprise and confuse. Bafflement aside, the new patent is quite clear: more security for the iPhone user.

The biometric patent pursues some very science fictionesque technology including a retinal scanner, fingerprint camera, voice recognition and even DNA collection. The iPhone is already do-everything device but these new features might tidy up citizen’s arrest situations – in fact, with such biometric collection capabilities at your fingertips, Apple may single-handedly eliminate the need for the police force.

While it is laudable of Apple to include such user-protection schemes, futurephobes who value their information as private may be scathed that such a large corporation could store so much personal information within their phone. It is not clear whether or not the patent’s technology will see application in the iPhone but, Apple’s filing is interesting. For the user, the immediate benefit would be that their most easily accessible and sensitive of information: address book, saved Safari pages, stored files, etc., would be safer from petty thieves, but considering Apple’s flawed secrurity of late, putting trust in their technology that houses even more personal information – bioinformation – is a sobering and even scary thought.

When the iPhone can arrest me for Jailbreaking (no, I would never do such a dirty thing), it has outlived its welcome.

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