BeejiveIM – Instant Messaging Anywhere in Review: Sweet Honey Goodness

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I have been on the lookout for instant messaging applications ever since the AppStore came out in July. Instantly messaging has become a necessity for many people around the world including myself. After being disappointed by many IM apps because of their lack of features and/or instability, I finally tried out BeejiveIM.

I was more than impressed with BeejiveIM. BeejiveIM literally has everything but the kitchen sink. When comparing Beejive to iChat on my iMac, basically the only difference between the two is that one is on a Mac and the other is on a portable MP4 player/ phone. Feature-wise, the app has just about everything anybody could ask for.

beejiveim_review6Beejive supports a wide array of IM platforms including AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Yahoo and even Myspace, and Facebook. Once you’re logged into any account, you can change your status from Available to Away, Busy, or Invisible. You’re also able to make a custom message under any status. What had me really impressed was the ability to change your profile status and even your avatar (you can change it to the default or choose a picture from your photo album/ take a new picture).

beejiveim_review3Probably one of my favorite things that Beejive has to offer is the amount of customization. You are literally able to change every bell and whistle imaginable. You can add friends into a “favorite category” and into groups such as AIM Bot, Buddies, and Recent Buddies (or you can just add a new group such as Enemies). You can also add nicknames to your friends, block, or just delete them off your Buddy List. When I say Beejive has a lot of customization features, I mean it has an ABSURD amount.

You can change the background wallpaper to anything you like (it also comes included with a few nice ones), change the text bubbles, the layout, and even change the sounds that you receive when you get a new message (default= iChat sounds, AIM, MSN, or Yahoo). This doesn’t even scratch the surface of what Beejive is capable of. A few more options you can change is the way you send a picture. You can send it via a hyperlink or by a direct transfer. You’re also able to have Beejive send you e-mail updates when you get a new IM, as well as change how long you stay online when not using the IM (which is very useful when you exit the app and it still keeps you online to receive messages).

beejiveim_review7Besides the enormous amount of customization options, there are just as many features to make BeejiveIM an overall outstanding app. By tapping the top portion of the screen (on the person’s screenname), a little transparent menu drops down with 4 options: to e-mail a chat log to yourself, send a picture, send a voice recording, or to end the chat. Depending on if you’re talking to more than one person at the same time, the avatars of your friends (or frenemies) come up on the mini menu as well.

You switch conversations with ease by clicking on the person’s avatar to change chat screens. Or you can just change/ delete conversations under the chat tab. A feature that almost made my mouth drop is the ability to accept file transfers and view them in QuickTime. For example, you can listen to audio clip/ songs/ videos right on your iPod that are sent via chat. You can then forward the file to other friends on your Buddy List. Unfortunately though, you’re not able to save the music/ videos to your iPod app (which I’m not even sure is possible and would most likely be a feature that would be against Apple policy). Of course, you can also view pictures sent via links. Beejive also has a built in web browser so you’re able to view any URL sent by your mates. Another feature that still blows me away is the ability to send and receive free SMS messages via your AIM or Yahoo account. Oh, did I forget to mention BeejiveIM also has landscape support?

beejiveim_review10Overall, Beejive is probably as close as you can get to a perfect IM app. With more options than I have clothes, Beejive definitely sets itself apart from the other competing apps out there. One can even go so far as to compare Beejive to IM apps on the computer. I literally feel like I’m using iChat on my Mac, but in reality I’m using Beejive. My only gripe about Beejive (and one that holds it back from being perfect) is its lack  support for group chats. But, supposedly this feature is being addressed in an upcoming update.

One of my favorite phrases of all time is, “You get what you pay for”. Though BeejiveIM sports a hefty $15.99 price tag, it honestly delivers down to the very last cent. If you’re looking for one of the best IM applications the App Store has to offer, then definitely check out BeejiveIM. TouchMyApps Kisses BeejiveIM with no hesitation.

Note: BeejiveIM is currently on sale for $9.99 (until 3/31). Grab it now and save yourself a fiver!


App Summary
Title: BeejiveIM (v 2.1.0) Developer: Beejive, Inc.
Price: $15.99 App Size: 2.2 MB
  • Very stable IM app
  • Supports several IM platforms
  • Tons of options and customization
  • Several features including picture and voice transfer as well as SMS
  • Ability to stay idle for 24 hours and remain logged in
  • Push email alert
  • Beautiful UI similar to iChat
  • Landscape support
  • No group chats
  • More expensive than the average app


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