Who Has The Biggest Brain? in Review – Shows off the best of the platform

whohasthebiggestbrain1The thing that attracted me most about Who Has The Biggest Brain? was the Facebook version; I’ve played it many times and I must say I really like it. The graphics are funny and that the multitude of simple games offers great entertainment and laughter. Most important, however, is that the game allows the competition between all Facebook users who play this game. When it was released for the iPhone/ iPod Touch platform, I immediately wanted to try it, because I knew that if the game was done correctly, then it can be tremendously fun on a mobile platform. As well, developer Playfish’s offering is also one of the first to use Facebook Connect, a protocol for developers to integrate its applications with the Facebook platform.

App Description:

Think you are smart? Join the 15 million players who have already played this addictive brain training game to prove it! Compare brain sizes and scores with friends by connecting to Facebook Connect on your iPhone or iPod touch.

With 12 different minigames, 27 brain types, a ton of unlockable achievements and a calendar to keep track of your performance, Who Has The Biggest Brain lets you exercise your brain in areas ranging from analytics to memory and visual processing and provide you with neverending fun!

Well, I’m happy to report that Who Has The Biggest Brain? was ported to the iPhone/ iPod Touch platform without any loss of quality; the entire game was ported to the platform directly so when I first fired it up, the interface was very familiar. The only difference was that I used my fingers to touch on the buttons and controls rather than using my mouse pointer to make my selection.

whohasthebiggestbrain2The first thing I did when I launched the game was to try out the Facebook Connect function; for those who don’t know what Facebook Connect is (if you still don’t know what Facebook is, please get off your couch and ask a friend!!), it is a protocol for developers to link their applications to the online world of Facebook, so that the app can link to your friends list, contact details and the like. With this game, the Facebook Connect function will allow it to upload the score to Facebook and compare it to other players, whether it’s the iPhone/ iPod Touch version or the Facebook version. Once logged in, I can view my previous score that I’ve achieved on Facebook, and see where I’m ranked amongst my friends. This is a very nice touch, as this adds more interactivity to my game, and allows me to continue to improve my ranking when I’m away from my Mac.

whohasthebiggestbrain5Once started, it was very familiar territory, with the games appearing the same as the Facebook version, only which it seemed easier because I could tap on the object to choose, whereas on the desktop I have to manipulate the mouse. The only time the touch interface was a hindrance was when I had to key in numbers; I am more used to the number pad, and at first that affected my score but after a while it was not much of a problem.

whohasthebiggestbrain3One difference to the desktop version is that on the iPhone/ iPod Touch, it has a few more games; although they still belong in the same four categories, it just makes the game a lot more interesting and allows more re-playing throughout. Although these are considered “Pro” functions on Facebook, it’s good to know that these levels are already built into the iPhone/ iPod Touch version.

whohasthebiggestbrain4Overall, I think Who Has The Biggest Brain? is very nicely done; all elements of the Facebook version was carried over to the iPhone/ iPod Touch platform. This was improved further with the touch interface of the platform, as well as the new technology from Facebook that allowed the connection between a mobile device and the Facebook platform. This added a lot more interactivity between friends as usually with iPhone/ iPod Touch games I can only compete with myself. With Facebook Connect, the mini-games got a lot more competitive because I’m playing with other people I know.

Although I think the price is a bit steep for an essentially a free game online, I think that the improvements made to it during porting is definitely worth it.


App Summary
Title: Who Has The Biggest Brain? (v1.0) Developer: Playfish
Price: $1.99 App Size: 9.8 MB
  • Exact port of Facebook version, with Facebook Connect allowing me to play with other friends
  • Extra levels compared to Facebook version
  • Touch interface makes the game a lot more fun
  • Lots of chocolate recipes
  • No option to switch off the music, unless I flick the silent switch on the phone
  • The game keeps asking me to log into Facebook Connect, when it has all my details
  • A bit expensive…


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