Monster Trucks Nitro in Review- Monster Disappointment

monstertrucksnitro1I was really excited to play this game. “Was” is the key word in the previous sentence. Driving big monster trucks, mixed in with some nitro and this was shaping up to be a great game. The intro splash screen had me all excited…5 minutes later, I was left scratching my head thinking “this is it?”


“Race, jump and nitroboost your way pass thrilling dynamic levels with your monster trucks. Earn medals and unlock new levels and vehicles.

– Real Monster Trucks physics with iPhone!
– Unique Bubble Level rotation control
– Includes multiple camera modes including Holographic Pro camera mode
– Extremely powerful RedLynx Monster Truck and Miniclip monster Trucks
– Extra achievement Trucks Schoolbus Monster Truck and Formula Monster Truck
– 8 thrilling tracks with medal achievements, including among others the famous ones like The Loop, The Gap and The Nitromus oximus
– Top hiscores lists for each track
– Gesture camera controls”

Monster Trucks Nitro  is as simple and straight forward as you can get. And that’s not a complaint… Get from the start to the finish line, as quickly as possible. Beat the clock and you get one of the 3 medals (bronze, silver or gold). Tilt your device right or left to shift the weight of the vehicle.

Let me start off with the positives. The monster trucks look good, and you can feel the shift of the weight on the front or the back of the truck. The shocks and suspension also feel good in the game. There are a few camera angles to choose from as well, and the backgrounds look nice, especially the sunset in the background.

monstertrucksnitro3In reality, there isn’t too much else to say about this game. There are only 8 levels, and I was able to complete all 8 with in 30 minutes. Sure, I didn’t get gold on all of them, but I was highly disappointed that I was able to complete the game so quickly. If you’re a masochist and feel the need to achieve gold on all the levels, this will add some replayability but this is one of the few games that I didn’t feel the need to achieve the masterful level. Sure, I could have unlocked the Formula Monster Truck, but so what? You only unlock the Formula Monster Truck after getting gold on all 8 levels. I guess you could play it again, but really, why would you?

monstertrucksnitro4Probably most important in a game called Monster Trucks Nitro would be the nitro and one would rightly assume, the accompanying sense of speed you get when you activate the nitro. Nope, nothing. All you see is a little rocket flame behind your truck but really don’t feel any change in speed at all. In fact, the whole game is pretty much played at the same speed/pace. I guess that’s why they provided the “cruise control” button which basically just keeps the “pedal to the metal”. There’s a break pedal but I never used it once.

The levels do somewhat feel different, but I’m still frustrated from the level called The Loop. This level is just asking for an accident in terms of dropping your device as you absolutely must be able to rotate your device 360 degrees as you follow the loop. I think it’s one of those things that’s good in theory, but not in practice.

monstertrucksnitro5Probably most frustrating however, was the stuttering frame rate. I was again disappointed to have the slow down on what doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of detail/objects on screen to explain the lack of smoothness.

In the end, I’m left just wanting more. Only 8 levels, only 2 trucks for at least half the game (you need to achieve gold on 4 levels to unlock the bus), slow frame-rate, and no sense of speed. It’s one of those games that I can feel the potential for more, but it just didn’t deliver.


App Summary
Title: Monster Trucks Nitro    (v 1.0) Developer: RedLynx Ltd
Price: $1.99 App Size: 20.6 MB
  • Trucks Looks Nice
  • Shifting weight works well
  • Very short
  • Stuttering frame-rate
  • No sense of speed


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