Battletaire in Review – A Puzzle Game Mash-Up

battletaire1I’m starting to get into musical mash-ups. Hearing Jay-Z rap over a mixed version of a track from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time thrills me. The ingenuity of combining a multitude of songs into one is an art form in and of itself. Battletaire is similar to this paradigm of design. It combines games like Sudoku, Battleship, Picross, and Minesweeping into one single experience. Despite a few minor flaws, this is a formula for success.

battletaire2So, what is Battletaire?

From the developer:

“Battletaire, also called Battleship Solitaire, combines the game play of Sudoku and Battleship where your mission is to find the location of the 10 hidden ships using the numbers along the grid as guides.
Each puzzle starts with a few revealed squares depending on the level you are playing. As you are promoted in rank (from Seaman to Fleet Admiral) the puzzles become more challenging.”

battletaire3You make your best guess as to where all the ships are by placing the ship markers on their appropriate places. When you finish, you press the fire button and see what cruel mistress fate hath wrought. When you touch a tile once, it turns into a water marker. Touching it twice turns the tile into a ship marker. Touching once more returns the tile to the original question mark tile. If you’re stuck, you can receive a varying amount of hints depending on the level you are in.

You figure all of this out using the numbers on the bottom and right border of the screen. This is similar to Picross. The number represents how many pieces of a ship are in that row or column. By seeing the starting pieces, corresponding all of it with the numbers on the grids, you will soon become proficient in navigating these treacherous puzzling waters.

battletaire4Playing the game, I realize that there is a level of difficulty that people may not be comfortable with. The in-game help page teaches you the basics of gameplay. It describes the layout of ships and other odds and ends of the game.

The most insightful part of the help menu is the strategy page. For those who may not be proficient in this type of game, this section is useful. The unfortunate aspect of this is that it is just text. There is no option to be led step by step using examples within the actual playing of the game.

battletaire5The biggest drawback, and perhaps the only point of contention is the presentation of the game. I’ll be honest, I do have a slight bias against games that are not as… aesthetically pleasing as others. Battletaire is one of those games that irk me.

Graphically, Battletaire is amateurish. The tiles, despite the zooming in and out function, still seem small. Navigating the tiles can seem a little unwieldy. Also, the graphics seem too simplistic. The designation of tiles for both the question mark and the ship piece can enjoy the benefit of an extreme makeover.

Once I got past the graphics, though, I was rewarded with a difficult but engaging experience. Battletaire is a difficult game. Yet, the option of mid-game saves helps. You can take your time finishing each level. Battletaire, despite its presentation, is a solid puzzle game that will engage you level after level.


App Summary
Title: Battletaire (v 1.0) Developer: Desired Logic
Price: $0.99 App Size: 0.4 MB
  • Good Level of Difficulty
  • Unique Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Overall Presentation


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