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chocolatier1Finally, another Time Management game to ease my new addiction…Phew, I feel better! Actually, Chocolatier, brought to us by PlayFirst is actually so much more than that. Sure, there is the time management aspect in terms of efficiently using your time (in this case travel), but at heart, it’s more of a tycoon/economic type game.

chocolatier2Rather than tapping directions to your character in the most efficient use of time, you play the life of a chocolatier. You start by learning chocolate recipes, and having to create them in your factory. My industry name was TouchMyApps (shocking, I know), and all good chocolate was imported and exported by TouchMyApps….mawahahah!

“Oh, the gloriously rich and delectable life of a chocolatier. Build your empire, brick by brick and ingredient by ingredient. You must first travel the world for the best ingredients, barter for the most marketable recipes, manage production of multiple types of confections at multiple factories, and pay attention to the latest trends and holidays schedule. That AND deal with employees, suppliers, vendors, and customers… not to mention warding off your adversaries! Do you have what it takes to conquer the world through chocolate?”

There really is a lot to like in this game. The story mode in which you build your factory/industry from scratch is a lot more fun than I initially thought. You start with a factory, a chocolate recipe, and the rest is up to you to travel to various locations, and learning/buying new recipes, and also having to find the various ingredients that make up the specific chocolate.

chocolatier4The story mode continues to provide certain quests throughout the game (there are over 130 different quests according to the developer) ranging from delivering love letters, to delivering certain types of chocolate.

It was however the economic aspect of the game that I enjoyed the most. You have to again, travel the world to find the different types of ingredients (sugar, milk, cacao as the simple ones). However, each location has different ingredients and also different prices. Yup, you read that right. You can go to Trinidad and by some sugar for $13 a bag, or travel to San Francisco where they are selling sugar for only $7 for example. Prices fluctuate, and you can also haggle/barter with the merchant. I sometimes wished I had a pen and paper beside me to remember where I found the cheapest price but after playing the game for a while, you learn what a reasonable price is for a specific ingredient. I guess that’s true to life in terms of learning the market. I also learned that some places likes certain types of chocolate more, once again bringing home the old saying “buy low, sell high”.

chocolatier5Once you’ve found your ingredients, you make the chocolate based on the recipe provided. Regular chocolate is made up of cacao and sugar, while dark chocolate is made of 2 parts cacao and 1 part sugar. You play a mini game to create the recipe in terms of shooting your ingredient into the wheel. The more wheels you properly fill up, the more cases of chocolate you make per week.

While the game is a lot of fun to play, there are a ton of quests to do, and I thoroughly enjoyed the economic simulation to the game, I have to say I found the game too simple. It seemed I was making a huge profit within 20 minutes and never looked back. Money was really never an object after my first few cases sold. It became almost pointless to “shop around” for the cheapest ingredients as I could afford everything at every turn.

Other than the lack of difficulty and therefore lack of risk/reward, I still really had a good time developing TouchMyApps industries into the juggernaut it was always meant to be!


App Summary
Title: Chocolatier (v1.0) Developer: PlayFirst Inc.
Price: $4.99 App Size: 29.0 MB
  • Lots of Quests
  • Fun mix of Economic/Tycoon sim with Time Management
  • Lots of chocolate recipes
  • Lack of Difficulty


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