Airport Mania: First Flight in Review – Very Addictive Strategic Game

airportmania1When I first looked at the description of Airport Mania: First Flight on iTunes, I knew I immediately wanted to buy it. This was because I loved the cute little planes and that the theme of the game was very interesting to me. I mean, yes, the game is about airports and how to best utilise the resources at that particular airport, but deep down it’s really a strategic game whereby the player has to fit the right pieces into the right place. This proved right when I actually finished this game; I haven’t finished a game in a long time.


When I first loaded Airport Mania, I was presented with a very user friendly tutorial that taught me the mechanics and instructions on how to play this game. The thing which surprised me was that the instructions were presented in an interactive way, allowing me to have fun right away. This definitely increased my interest in the game a lot as it meant I could immediately start to play with the little cute planes.

airportmania3Once I was done with the tutorials though, I immediately started to play the actual levels in the game. As expected, I began to meddle with the airplanes and was able to manipulate them to go to the right place at the right time. The first few levels were easy, but once the harder levels and the number of planes increased and their request increased (such as refuelling, repairing, and quicker turnaround time with the more passengers and bigger planes), this game started to become a bigger challenge. Luckily, with each level, I was able to increase the capacity of the airport, such as the speed of unloading/ loading passengers, the number of gates, the speed of the repair/ refuel facilities, and the number of runways. All these elements made Airport Mania a lot more interesting because it added complexities to the game.

Also, later on in the game, there were planes with special requests, such as pregnant women, donated organ shipments, or even Air Force One. These planes required extra attention which made this airport sim even more fun.

airportmania4Overall, Airport Mania: First Flight is actually a very good one; one should not be fooled by its childish graphics or simple theme. This is because this game requires strategic thinking (but not too much for the mobile environment) which actually makes this a good title for the daily commute, although it does require a very precise touch to the screen, which hindered my progress whenever I was on a bus. However, given the low cost of this game, it is a very good value purchase for me.

As an aside, I actually went to try out the desktop version of the game, and using the mouse compared to actually being able to touch the little planes was not as fun, so I definitely recommend the iPhone/ iPod Touch version.


App Summary
Title: Airport Mania: First Flight Developer: Reflexive Entertainment
Price: $0.99 App Size: 8.9 MB
  • Easy to learn, with great tutorial
  • Very addictive with complexities
  • When the number of planes increase, the screen was very cluttered, making it hard to tap the planes


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