iWire in Review – Shockingly Addicting!

iwire1iWire has just three rules: You MUST talk about the wire. Tilt left & right to move. DON’T touch the wire! These are the words you get upon opening up the application. Origin8 produced an extremely simple yet addicting game, and once again, provides an excellent layer of polish.

As in Sentinel, iWire is once again a super elegant game. Sleek graphics are present, with beautifully rendered particles, and smooth images. The game is just so pleasant to look at. One aspect that was annoying about the layout though, was the fact that even though the game is played in portrait mode, the score and multiplayer are displayed in landscape mode. This makes for some rather confusing moments when I’m trying to watch my progress, and often times will occur in the demise of the ring.

iwire4As mentioned above, iWire isn’t overly complicated. Your score (in the top left) increases depending on your speed times the value of the multiplier (in the top right). Every 15 seconds your multiplier will increase by 1, up to a maximum of times 11. If you get close to the wire, you’ll see a red glow and the multiplier will decrease by 1. Getting close to the wire and scraping it will slow you down. So for very high scores, keep away from the wire! This basic gameplay is actually extremely addicting, and is great for short spurts of gaming, and steady hands are a must.

There are 3 difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. You have to beat easy by going all the way to completing 100% of the wire without dying, then the next level is unlocked. Same thing for hard; medium must be first completed. This makes for a good challenge and something to work for. It would be nice if there was something more to the game, like different modes somehow, but what’s present is fine.

iwire3The music and sound effects are well done, except for this one grating clip that is sometimes present, and that just bugs me. You’ll know what it is when you hear it, it sounds extremely robotic, but otherwise the sounds help add to the atmosphere of iWire.

The only statistic kept right now is the high score, and percentage completed. The online leaderboard is great at adding replay value, as there’s always a, “can I get a few spots higher?” feel. They are separated into the 3 difficulty levels and record the overall score and percentage achieved. I constantly played to see how high I would reach, and ended up reaching number 1 in the rankings!

iwire2In the end, iWire is an extremely enjoyable game that is great for playing a bit at a time. Some useful features would include a pause function, but the games are so short that it usually isn’t a factor. If you’re looking for a pretty game with simple but enjoyable app, iWire is for you, especially at only 99 cents.

iWire gets grabbed by TouchMyApps. It’s a bit dry with only one mode, and could use some more features, but what’s present makes for excellent gameplay.

App Summary
Title:iWire (v1.0)Developer:Origin8
Price:$0.99 App Size:8.1 MB
  • Excellent Presentation
  • “One more time” gameplay
  • Simple yet effective
  • Could use more game modes
  • More options are needed (pause button ?!?)
  • Layout isn’t the best


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    im actualy the number one,sorry 😉

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