Crazy Snowboard in Review- Get Some Crazy Air

crazysnowboard1In the name of novelty applications such as Crazy Dummy and Crazy Lighter from Ezone, I wasn’t expecting Crazy Snowboard to be any different than their previous apps. But just like the old saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”, I was pleasantly surprised to find out first hand that Crazy Snowboard is actually quite fun and better than I expected.

crazysnowboard2Built using Unity, Crazy Snowboard brings snowboarding to the iDevice sporting 3D graphics with an Ezone-style flare. Crazy Snowboard incorporates the characters from Ezone’s other apps such as Crazy Pumpkin, Crazy Disco, Crazy Metalhead and turns them into actual snowboarders in the game along with their own snowboards.

crazysnowboard3The controls are simple and intuitive- you tilt your iPod to steer, hold down your finger to crouch (release to jump), and hold a specific spot on the screen to perform a certain grab (holding your finger top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right will give you different grabs).

crazysnowboard4Crazy Snowboard is broken down into two modes- Free Ride and Mission. In Free Ride mode you just snowboard down an endless slope, doing grabs and taking some wicked screenshots along the way. Mission mode consists of 30 missions in which you have to complete certain tasks while doing grabs to earn enough points to obtain a bronze, silver or gold medal. These tasks can range from collecting a certain number of coins to jumping through a certain number of rings in the air. While these tasks can get repetitive, the difficulty increases as you complete the later missions, thus adding to the overall fun factor.

Throughout Crazy Snowboard you earn points as you complete missions. These points can then be put towards purchasing different grabs (16 in total), snowboards (13 in total), or snowboarders (13 in total). If you manage to collect gold medals in all missions you’ll unlock Crazy Metalhead.

crazysnowboard5Crazy Snowboard is highly customizable. You’re able to change the snowboard, snowboarder, and assign 4 different grabs to the 4 portions of the screen (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right). There aren’t many options however in Crazy Snowboard, just to turn sound fx on/off, as well as game music, grab camera (when you perform a grab in the air the camera zooms around you), and load game.


Overall, Crazy Snowboard is a very solid app from Ezone that I’m proud to say is their first true “game”. The gameplay is fun, addicting, and there are many unlockables to keep you coming back for all the golds on the missions. I don’t really have any complaints but a few things that I would like to see added are: rails to grind on, more variety (different slopes would be nice like a disco slope for Crazy Disco!), online multiplayer via WiFi, and online scoreboards (to compare your mission scores with other people around the world). At the current sale price of $0.99, I highly advise you to Grab It and start shredding the slopes!


App Summary
Title: Crazy Snowboard          (v2.0.3) Developer: Ezone PTY LTD
Price: $0.99 (Sale) App Size: 14.8 MB
  • Many unlockables
  • Lots of missions
  • Good 3D graphics
  • Customizable
  • No online scoreboard
  • Needs more variety
  • No multiplayer


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