No Approval in App Store costs Developer 600 000 Dollars

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FreedomVoice Systems‘ CEO, Eric Thomas informed his company that development on Newber app will stop. Apple have neither rejected nor approved approved it for the App Store after making FreedomVoice wait more than six months for an answer. “We followed all guidelines set by Apple”, says Thomas, “and never received comment from Apple as to why Newber application has not even been reviewed”. FreedomVoice have spend more than six months developing Newber and incurred 600 000$ in associated costs.

Many developers in the App Store are getting their feet wet with iPhone development, but for larger companies who have established software histories and large staffs, such doddling by Apple is a huge financial burden. Perhaps because of their friendly turtlenecks and ‘familly’ of software and hardware, Apple remain a quaint company who desire to be accepted by everyone – in instances where this image crosses an unknown hurdle, Apple cannot remain mum. They need to gird their loins and speak up: either ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Thomas’ company’s experience is that the App Store is the ‘worst deal going’. As Apple approve or reject apps from FreedomVoice and many other developers, the attitude towards iPhone development will become even more dissatisfied. Just one month after submitting FreedomIQ Voicemail to the store, FreedomVoice received Apple’s approval and the app went live. Thomas cannot understand why Apple have ignored Newber which allows calls taken on the iPhone to be transferred to different lines so that a call never has to be ended to save that mobile bill.

For FreedomVoice, a simple ‘no’ would be enough, but after half a year and 600 000 dollars and more than six months of waiting for Apple’s rejection or approval, the damage has been done.

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