iWingman – Your Best Bet?


In the intensely mystical world of love-making, there are some absolute rules that need to be followed.

1. Be nice at the door, but nice in a suave way
2. Don’t spill the drinks
3. Avoid fights
4. Don’t look like your lookin’, but look
5. Have a wingman

Currently, my wife is my wingman, making sure my eyes stay on target – or is that off-target? It is great fun, but I remember those heady nights after university exams where some drinks and hundreds of chemically-engorged kids, grinding strangers, fights and alcohol really put me at ease. At that time, my wingman was one Louis who was quite the ladies man.

Now, he is busy and I am stuck when my wife can’t be bothered to accompany me to scope for girls. Enter iWingman, the perfect companion for the nerd who wants to hit it off right with the ladies. The best part is that 3pm Studios‘ iWingman is a great tool for meeting that special hottie even out of the club.

iWingman is a beautifully rendered productivity tool. The girls are gorgeous – wonderful and make me depressed about real life pick-up options. Really, there is nothing like cartoon women. Not only are they beautiful, but they don’t run away when you use a bad line or shun you for not being 2 metres tall. Cartoon women don’t laugh at you for tripping at a bowling alley and sliding in the lane after your ball.

Six categories to tweak to your fancy allow you to personalise that perfect encounter. Mind you, before approaching her, make sure she does not notice you checking your iPhone – be discrete with iWingman. The apps’ categories are: face, clothes, personality, intelligence, smell and location. My favourite selection is below:

Face: angel
Clothes: none
Personality: sweet
Intelligence: none
Smell: none
Location: library.

While meeting such an exhibitionist at library may seem outlandish to you and me, apparently it happens in Britain. Most of iWingman’s 250 pick up lines are either funny, slightly deep or bordering on genius. However, purchasing and trying iWingman means that you are placing your luck in the hands software developers and a piece of software. While fun to suss out different target types, the end result is often the same lines that are generated no matter what you choose. My question is this: are 3pm Labs actually able to get girls themselves? Are we buying into a get rich quick pipe dream or into working teachings from the guru’s of love?


Nonetheless, nerdy babes, Seductive scientists, lusty librarians, voluptuous vetrinarians: it is up to you to meet them. Since there are 250 customisable pick-up lines, make sure to try them all out. If at first you do not succeed, try try again. However, you can accidentally bring up one you have tried before – so be careful to spread out the use to several different times and locations so your targets don’t tire of your verbose offers.

Admittedly, there is not much else to this app. iWingman is another shallow entry at the App Store but it is cute and fun and may just bring back your youth and help your ‘productivity’. Also, if you are weak regarding sexual innuendo, look elsewhere as iWingman is sometimes rather explicit. The bottom line: for those who are into useless apps, iWingman is one of the more useful and well thought out useless apps that Apple have approved.

iWingman gets Tapped by TouchMyApps.


App Summary
Title:iWingmanDeveloper:3pm Studios
Price:$0.99App Size:3.0 MB
  • Intuitive interface
  • Gorgeous “visuals”
  • large library of pickup lines
  • No need for human wingman – iWingman’s got you covered!
  • The characteristics have little effect on outcome
  • Pointless really unless you just want to laugh it up with your mates


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