GI Joyride in Review- World War 2 Meets Dukes of Hazard

gijoyride1When I think of WW2 games, I think of the usual shoot-em-ups that are constantly getting released for platforms. Whether it be for the Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii, the idea just seems overplayed to me at this point. But, GI Joyride (developed by Trapdoor) takes a completely different approach to war-style games by putting you in charge of an APC (Armored Personal Carrier) to thrash through enemy territory.

gijoyride2The first thing that came to my mind was, “Yeeeeehaw!” while playing GI Joyride. The controls are simple, the bottom section of the screen is divided into two portions- from the middle to the left side is to brake and the middle to the right side is to accelerate. You control how the weight is distributed in the Carrier (which causes it to turn up and down) by utilizing the accelerometer when you tilt the iDevice left or right.

gijoyride3Each time you play GI Joyride, you’re given a random course to drive through. Unfortunately, it can get a bit repetitive as you see the same scenery such as a little river, storage house, little villages, and bridges (deja-vu anyone?). The longer you play for, the scene changes from day to night which is a nice added touch. Nonetheless, GI Joyride is endlessly entertaining and brings tears to my eyes every time the Carrier hits a big bump, goes flying, then a little soldier pops his head out of it and screams “Yeeehaw!” (both the little soldier and I must be fans of Dukes of Hazard)

gijoyride4GI Joyride is humorous, which is rare for a WW2 game considering you’re slaughtering countless enemies. As you drive through the endless path, you encounter heaps of soldiers who fire guns at you. Luckily, you’re an Indestructo Tank that can’t be damaged at all. The only way you can lose at GI Joyride is if you flip the Carrier over, which will be followed by a 5 second timer before the Carrier explodes. At the end of each performance, you’re graded based on how well you did (how long your ride lasted). So far my best ride rating was “Slick” which encouraged me to play GI Joyride several more times in hopes of getting a better rating (no luck yet but I’ll never stop trying!). You are also given your statistics on how well you did. This includes your best wheelie, distance traveled, number of kills, and much more. Your statistics are then assigned a medal- bronze, silver, gold, or platinum.

gijoyride5The graphics aren’t the best I’ve seen on the iPod, but they are still awesome. My favorite part of GI Joyride besides getting some crazy air when hitting a bump, is when you run into a soldier. I find it pretty hilarious when they go flying through the air, then disappear with a little splash of blood. The force of impact (how fast you are going and from what angle you hit them) determines how they will ascend into oblivion. The sound effects and old fashioned music are great too, from the sound of bullets whizzing past you to the sound coming from water as you drive over it. The options are also highly customizable such as getting rid of blood, exhaust, dirt spray, and shadowing.

gijoyride6Summed up, GI Joyride is a very fun twist on the classic WW2 title. For once it’s not a shooter based game but more or less an addictive, reckless driving experience. With an update planned for April (and a new sales price of just $.99), GI Joyride will be better than ever. My only main complaint is that it can get a bit repetitive as you constantly see the same landscapes. I would like to see a future update that includes new backdrops (such as different seasons and locations) and maybe even achievements, such as getting your rank upgraded (general, private, etc.).

So if you’re a fan of driving through the jungle during World War 2 with only two goals in mind: 1) Kill anything that moves, then watch it fly through the air while squealing and 2) Try to get all platinum medals (unfortunately though you can’t compare scores online), then GI Joyride is the game for you. Grab It while the getting is good at only $.99 before the new update in April!


App Summary
Title: GI Joyride (v1.0) Developer: Trapdoor Inc.
Price: $0.99 (Sale) App Size: 13.2 MB
  • Great 3D graphics
  • Good sound effects and old fashioned music
  • Highly detailed statistics list
  • Can get repetitive from seeing the same scenery constantly
  • No online scoreboard


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