MemoryInfo w Free Memory in Review – It Does What It Says



I enjoy Apps that get straight to the point. This one in particular tells you exactly what it is and what it does in its name. It’s straight forward, no nonsense that we need in these deep and financially murky times. MemoryInfo w/ Free Memory gives you info about your iDevice’s memory and allows you to free memory. It’s just that simple.



Why is this important? Well, if you’re like me… one who uses 10 apps a minute, there is a tendency (an this is in laymen terms) for some apps to use the iDevice’s RAM in a non-optimized manner. Your free memory decreases in size until you do a hard reset. For a more detailed explanation from the developer:

“Runtime memory usage. The iPhone and iPod Touch (device) comes with two types of memory, runtime memory (RAM) and storage memory (Flash). Your device has only 128 MB of RAM which has to be shared by various applications and processes when they are running. Your device has 8 GB to 32 GB of Flash memory which is used for your music, video and application files.

The runtime memory usage is categorized into four categories, Free, Inactive, Active and Wired.

Free memory is available for use whenever applications or processes need them.

Inactive memory is memory that was used by applications or processes but do not need it right away.

Active memory is memory that is currently being used by applications or processes.

Wired memory is memory that is currently used by System processes. This memory is not available to applications.”


Bingo... look at all the free memory

With this App’s promise of freeing up to 35 MBs of memory, the results may be slight but noticeable:

  • Makes your [iDevice] perform better.
  • Makes your games play better.
  • Reduce unexpected app exists.

After using this app, I noticed a significant increase in speed. Also, the need to reset my iTouch is decreased. This is huge for me because it takes a while for the whole resetting process to take place.

Beyond this, the ability to get an accurate status check on your battery is the only other useful feature. Viewing your runtime memory and seeing a graph of your processes is just extra eye candy.

One note from the developer JT Teh:


When you launch MemoryInfo the FIRST TIME (and only the first time), you must have internet access available from your device to the internet so that the Free Memory button and Battery Info information will be available. If the Free Memory button and Battery Info is not visible, make sure you have internet access and signed in to any WiFi hotspot before launching MemoryInfo again.”

MemoryInfo w/Free Memory does what it says that it is. It does increase our iDevice’s speed. It does give an accurate reading of your battery. I respect that integrity as much as I respect the $0.99 price. For that price, I say get it.



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