Circuit Defenders in Review – Anti-Virus With a Twist… or Tower

circuitdefenders_pic1It’s practically a right of passage for anyone that has ever owned a computer (unless you’re so cool that you’ve only ever had a Mac). One day you start to notice that your computer is running a lot slower than it used to. No matter how few programs you’re running, or how much disk space you free up, you swear there’s something going on in the computer. Oh yeah, the constant porn pop-ups are also a sign that something is definitely not right. So you download, buy, steal, or otherwise acquire an antivirus program, install it, and let it work its magic… but what exactly is it doing? The developers at Sector3 have an idea of what’s going on in there, and they made it into a game: Circuit Defenders.

circuitdefenders_pic2The tower defence (TD) genre is quickly becoming one of the deepest within apps created for the iPhone/iTouch. With the devices’ unique abilities and characteristics, it’s no surprise that TD games would strive. But developers are quickly finding out that finding a new angle for a TD game that separates it from its predecessors is becoming more and more difficult. Well the kids at Sector3 easily breakthrough with Circuit Defenders. Their game takes place within the walls of a computer, and the idea is to protect computer circuits from “virus armies” that are out to infect the CPU by building various towers along the circuits.


circuitdefenders_pic4Another neat and distinguishing aspect of Circuit Defenders are the unique “circuits” or maps. The developers strayed from the straightforward winding maps that most TD games are plagued with, and came up with gems like “SHAMROX” and “RACING PULSE” pictured above. The uncommon maps greatly influence the strategy the must be used in order to be successful from map to map.

Like most TD games there are a range of towers to choose from, all with varying costs. Trying to find the balance between towers that shoot frequently and those that don’t but do more damage is what makes TD games rather enjoyable. Circuit Defenders also allows the player to upgrade various attributes of most towers individually. Where some TD titles just allow a general upgrade of their towers, within Circuit Defenders you can upgrade the amount of damage each shot does, or you can upgrade the rate of fire, or you can upgrade the range of fire. The towers in Circuit Defenders are also susceptible to enemy fire, so health can also be purchased like an upgrade.

circuitdefenders_pic5Circuit Defenders initially impresses with their slant on the TD genre, as well as their cool maps (the music fits the game well too). Once into the game, a few shortcomings rear their ugly heads. Due to the overhead view of the game, the towers don’t look very different from each other even when zoomed all the way in on the action. The enemies also aren’t very distinguishable aside from colour differences. Another gripe is, because of the zig-zag/crossover type maps Circuit Defenders offers, a tower attacks and continues to attack the first enemy that enters its firing range, therefore possibly allowing an enemy farther along on the circuit to stroll right through its firing range. The lack of a big boss or end wave doesn’t help the app either. There’s no real sense of accomplishment for the player as the game just seems to go on and on and on.

Aside from the negative aspects mentioned, Circuit Defenders is a pretty fun game. If you’re a fan of the TD genre, then this app will certainly keep you busy until the next big TD title pops up in the App Store.


App Summary
Title: Circuit Defenders (v 1.1.2) Developer: Sector3 Games
Price: $2.99 App Size: 13.5 MB
  • Fresh slant on tower defence
  • Unique maps
  • Towers look the same
  • So do the enemies
  • No true end


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