Space Trader Promo Code Giveaway!



TouchMyApps has 8 promo codes to giveaway for what could very well be the first space trading sim game to land at the App Store.

This game is like many other trade simulated games. You must buy low and sell high. Making money is the root of this game! There is virtually unlimited upgrades!!! You will need attack and defend points like many RPG games, to have successful battles with enemy ships. Battles occur when traveling between planets. When your space ship crosses with another ship, you will have to choose wether to battle or run!

Our very own shigzeo will be putting Space Trader through its paces and have a review out in the next little while, so stay tuned! In the meantime, to win 1 of 8 codes , simply submit a comment and tell us what some of your favorite ‘sim’ type games are of all time (doesn’t have to be space themed). Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close March 18th @ 11pm EST. Good Luck!

Congrats to the following for winning a copy of Space Trader:

Gretchen, Igoo, The Waiting Years, Jason, Spartan, Nitish, Rabanah and James

Thanks for all the comments and enjoy the game!

  • Igoo

    Hands down… all time favorite sim game was SimTower. As for space/trading games… Escape Velocity. oh! I hope this is kind alike EV.

  • Louis

    ahh…bless SimTower. One of my favorite sim games as well. I’ve spent many sleepless nights attempting to build the perfect tower. Watching those elevators zip up and down was pure bliss…

  • Spartan12103

    Gotta be the actual Sim games. So fun, and so much to do!

  • Gretchen

    Sim City
    Lemonade Stand

  • Igoo

    I really do miss that game! I can still hear the “Love Story” movie playing in the theater. :)

  • Jade

    Favorite also has to be the Sims especially Sims 2.

  • joey

    simcity series and the sims

  • Jeremy

    Sim City is awesome.

  • Nicklaus

    My favorite space sim game has to be escape veloctiy nova. great game with a ton of depth. I hope this is somewhat like it. I also sort of like the sims.

  • sandman

    i remember having lots of fun with Theme Hospital (EA). The Rollercoaster tycoon series is also up there among my favourites.

  • The Waiting Years

    Reminds me of the space part of Spore! Fun!

  • jutonik

    roller coaster tycoon was by far my favorite :). i bought rollercoaster tycoon 2 a couple of years later, and i was addicted again. so amazing.

  • Jason

    Easily my favortie sim game was Simcity on the SNES. I played that game for HOURS

  • Gabriel

    I loved and still do love the original The Sims for PC :)

  • alan

    simcity 2000…haha. i am old school what can i say

  • irene1975y

    I love Sims City and Simtower!

  • JohnnyD

    Gazillionaire… soooo good. Simcity 2000, classic… erm… Sim ants?

  • ILoveOranges

    Sim City Sim City Sim City! Just like everyone else :)

  • jawslover

    SimCity, The Sims 2, Spore, and Sim Park(I know, really old :P) are my favorites

  • Ryan

    I LOVE Simcity!!

  • James

    My favorites are SimCity and The Sims.

    I loooove SimCity. I’ve always loved the city scene, so I always love building cities in SimCity. I like to try to create themed cities…or cities like Shanghai or New York.
    So I always loved the iconic pieces in SimCity.

    The Sims…I never got into playing with the characters that much…but I LOVED building houses!!! That’s one of the reasons I love those games so much. I used to spend hours (maybe days??? lol) building mansions. So much fun :).

  • Nitish

    I loved playing Transport Tycoon and Roller Coaster Tycoon during my School days, used to spend hours playing it.

    These games were like a craze between all us friends, and we wud brag about our accomplishments in the game everyday at school.

  • Njd

    Definitely sim city 3000.

  • daren

    I vote for Sims 2. Really love that game with 3d.

  • goldguy

    Sims, Sims 2, and Sims 2 expansion packs

  • I have to say the original sims is my favorite becuz ur not on a set path u do what u want and make it ur own. Good times…

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