Premium Apps, iPhone OS 3.0 = Introduction of the Tablet?

Thanks Computerworld Blog

Thanks Computerworld Blog

Computerworld blog reckon that the 3.0 sneak peak may have connections with the rumoured premium App Store Apps as well as Apple’s highly anticipated tablet. Why would these premium apps connect with the tablet? Resolution. The tablet is currently rumoured to be a 10-inch touch panel produced by Wintek. Those 10 inches would boast a far higher resolution than the current 480*320 of today’s iPhone and iPod Touch allowing for a break from mere thumb-driven input.

Whether these new premium apps will be games or productivity apps – all is conjecture until actual announcement, however with the new screen real estate, Apple’s device would drive a market for more expensive and higher quality applications. Would Apple skip over the Netbook market entirely for an Apple designed tablet? If they can retain a usable in/out array (complete with firewire) a tablet would be the perfect device for road warriors, pirates, ninjas and barbarians – bring it on Apple.

  • Spartan12103

    Wow, I want one, but then what would I do with my iPotch?!?

  • Well, the potch could still be your pocketable portable one and the ‘tablet’ would take over as your portable table, computer, chair etc.

    ‘iTablet, the do more than iPhone device, with the “real internet”‘

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