WordFu in Review- Can You Spell W-o-n-d-e-r-F-u-l?

wordfu_1With all of the new word games saturating the AppStore, it’s becoming difficult to differentiate the good from the bad. When ngmoco:) announced they would be rolling out (no pun intended towards Rolando) a new word related game called Wordfu, I was sure it was going to be a true winner- and it is.

There are two main modes in Wordfu: Play and Versus. In play mode your objective is to choose 9 dice (you’re given exactly 20 seconds to make up your mind- the pressure is overwhelming!) and then you have to make as many words as you can using your desired letters. All the while you’ll hear some of the craziest sound effects for a word game ever. These sounds include such poetry as “hhhhiiiiiiyyyyyyaaaaa” and some painful groans as “guuuuuhhhhh”. I feel like I’m playing as the main character in one of those old- fashioned corny kung-fu movies in a battle of wits and words. The other gameplay mode aka Versus, pits you against a friend on the same WiFi network for the status of Supreme Wordmaster.

wordfu_4Wordfu sets itself apart from other word apps on the AppStore due to the unique power ups you can use as you rush to create as many words as possible. The three dice (powerups) are Freeze, Double Score, and the Flick To Change This Die. ‘Freeze’ literally freezes your entire gameboard in compelling blue ice. It essentially freezes your timer, thus giving you a couple extra seconds to get in any final words that you can think of. ‘Double Score’ makes the gameboard glow a fiery red and doubles the score of any words for a few seconds (words are ranked depending on their length and value). Last but not least is the Flick To Change This Die, which lets you get rid of any die that is giving you troubles by changing it to a another random letter.

wordfu_5Wordfu features some beautifully rendered 3D dice which uses Mach Dice technology (courtesy of Mach Kobayashi) to its full potential. All of the sound effects and music are top notch and add to the overall enjoyment of the game. If you’ve felt that you’re now truly a WordFu Black Belt Master then you can attempt to try out Shaolin Style mode (which can be turned on or off in the Options menu). Shaolin Style only allows you use each die once per word.

wordfu_3 wordfu_6

As with every other ngmoco:) game, Wordfu also comes sporting an Achievements list (under the Hall of Legend menu). Earn your belts as you accomplish tasks like achieve a 100 point round to strive for the Grand Master belt.

A couple quick tips when playing WordFu: choose one dice per letter (for example don’t choose multiple dice with the letter ‘A’ since you’re able to use each die more than once (unless in Shaolin Style mode). Also, if you’re not fond of shaking your iPod every time to submit a word- you can just tap the portion of the screen where the letters come up to submit the word.

wordfu_7 wordfu_8

Overall, Wordfu is a high quality word game and another big title to add to ngmoco:)’s arsenal of fun. I can’t really think of any complaints with WordFu other than to add new dictionaries in future updates (even though the Collins Scrabble Words 2nd Edition dictionary that’s included has an army of words) because some words I’ve attempted to submit were not accepted as real words. I would also love to see the ability to compete against random players over WiFi, and not only those on the same network.

If you have the slightest interest in words or are simply looking to expand your word game collection on your iPhone/iPod Touch, Wordfu should not be missed. Not only will you have loads of fun, but you’re bound to learn a new word or two on your journey towards verbal supremacy (thy name is Grand Master!).


App Summary
Title: Wordfu (v1.0) Developer: ngmoco:)
Price: $1.99 App Size: 16.7 MB
  • Fun and challenging word puzzler
  • Hilarious sound effects
  • Achievement list
  • Wifi versus over same network
  • Can only compete against others on the same network
  • Needs more dictionaries
  • Can’t compare scores online


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