Tabloid Tuesday Details: iPhone OS 3.0 to Do Laundry Too – Copy and Paste

Thank you Engadget

Remember when the iPhone was just a phone that could edge around the internet and rub shoulders with web apps? Well, that was 1.0. Tuesday will still be 2.0 era but will challenge the faithful as to whether Apple are still a consumer-oriented company or are just giving the finger to the consumer as they showcase some features from 3.0.

How big will the jump to 3 be? Before 2.0, you would have never imagined that the iPhone could fart, burp, help tidy up your electric bill or stop the deamons of Hell from bombarding Heaven. Tuesday, 17 March will prove that Apple are still faithful to the faithful. Forget what you believe about rumours being ill until proven.

The iPhone will have copy and paste. According to Kevin Rose of Digg, it will be an extension of the magnifying glass where the user double taps a word and then places quotes around selected text to copy, cut and paste. But that is not all – we have reason to believe that finally, tethering and MMS will arrive at our lovely phone and a hand-dryer function for laundry on the run. Oh yeah, but we will have to wait till 4.5.6 or 5.0 for background apps.

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