But Who’s Got the Most Apps?


This ain't all

Don’t shoot me down by saying that you can’t take your apps with you to Heaven. It is right here and right now that matters. So, who has the most? Get counting. If you can beat me – we will think of something good!

  • Igoo

    Currently 314 apps in my iTunes. Wonder how many it would be if I hadn’t thrown any away. :)

  • Not bad at all – Let me get to counting…

  • Hah, I bet I’ve got you all beat! I currently have 825 apps in my iTunes library. There’s a shopaholic, shoeaholic, and then there’s an appaholic- and I’m an appaholic!

  • Spartan12103

    Ive got 700 some. Most I don’t use anymore.

  • Nitish

    119 Apps on my iPod Touch and all of them are Freewares or Lite versions..

  • Hogne

    1023 apps! Beat that!

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