FantaFootball in Review: Shigzeo FC Live and Kickin’

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There are relatively few places in the App Store to go if you want to help your betting game when considering the English Premier League and Italian Serie A. FantaFootball, designed by Andrea Zilio and Enrico Sartorello is a newcomer to Fantasy Football but already impresses in several areas.

Before we begin, what review would be complete without a personal anecdote? Okay, when I was a small lad till the time I was big enough to realise it was an impossibility, I dreamt of earning my cash by playing football. Yup, I thought I would be a talented player. It only took four years of league play and one more year to realise the only money I would be dealing with football would be if I became a bookie. Well, FantaFootball, may at least help me meet my betting goal as it immediately informs me how my my selected squad is doing. It is a Fantasy Football simulator which allows you to choose your lineup and watch how it competes against the established teams as well as other teams of your imagining.

From Andrea Zilio and Enrico Satorello’s Website:
The best football league all over the world, the English Premier League, has just begun and tons of fans and wannabe-coaches are ready to challenge you with goals, assists and nice performances…
This is the Fantasy Football game, this is fantaFootball!

fantaFootball, the iPhone Fantasy Football manager, includes:

Points and stats of the Season 08/09 freely available for every gameweek within 24 hours after the last match.
Player stats relative to the whole season and the last gameweek, including the number of games played, goals, votes and average votes, Fantasy Football gameweek and season points, assists, yellow and red cards and much more.
Fantasy teams management: choose your players and your line-up; fantaFootball will check your line-up and with just a “tap” it will calculate for you the points made by all your saved teams in the last gameweek.
Line-up suggestions based on past game weeks data.
Data and stats are downloaded and stored in your iPhone/iPod, so you can access them offline whenever you want!

A couple of great features pedalled by FantaFootball are the player scorecards, stat screens and easy to assemble teams.

The player queue is alphabetical, making it easy to find your man and add him to you team. If you are vacillating between a couple of players, the selection screen can be utilised to differentiate players based on salary, goals scored, penalties incurred, etc. At your fingertips, FantaFootball brings a great amount of helpful information to help you determine the best squad for your team.

Once you have completed your squad, your teams’ statistics can be retrieved, players edited and other teams made. FantaFootball essentially brings those features to the genre which is helpful for a bit of trivia, betting and fantasy. Also, as advertised, the feature of best linuep and suggestions are helpful.

The price of 2.99$ is not steep but FantaFootball seems somewhat unfinished. The addition of the following functions woul be welcome:

  1. In the player queue – a check or flag or some visual marker to show which player is already in a team of yours.
  2. Team stats versus other teams of yours and real teams – standings versus the Red for instance.
  3. Schedule to see when next Premier match will be played and by whom.
  4. Monetary total – how much your team is costing you considering FantaFootball stores salary information.
  5. Injury, Penalty, absence statistics for your team.
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For usability, I would be very happy to see at least the flag or check mark beside players who are in one of my teams and a running team standing. With those implementations or any other tweaks that the pair might bring this application, I think the App Store will have an easy to use simulator. However, there are many competing multi-sport simulators in the App Store that do at least some of what FantaFootball does and some are even cheaper. At the moment, FantaFootball brings an easy-to-use interface and clean design to the table along with a great development team who really want to create best-of-breed software. The only thing they need to elevate FantaFootball to the top is more functions. Then and only then will I start to make my easy money!

FantaFootball gets tapped by TouchMyApps.


App Summary
Title: FantaFootball V.1.0 Developer: Andrea Zilio and Enrico Sartorello
Price: $2.99 App Size: 0.2 MB
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy to select Squads
  • Useful Player informatioin
  • No indication that player in squad from player selection screen
  • No standings information
  • Needs ore functions to be a gem in the store.


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